Hot on the heels of the unveiling of Peyton Hillis as the cover athlete for Madden 12, EA Sports has a released one of the first gameplay trailers for the game. Though it doesn’t go into much depth as far as new features are concerned it does tease the overall theme for this year’s iterations.

While many might have expected Madden 12 to feature something as revolutionary as Madden 11’s GameFlow, it appears, at least at this juncture, that EA Sports is attempting to polish an already solid experience. This year’s iteration, while an evolution for the series, is all about the details.

Some of those details highlighted in the trailer include improved ball physics, better defensive coverages, and new collisions. Each of these new elements will help create that realism gamers have to come to expect from the Madden franchise while still keeping the core gameplay the same.

Another of the key selling points for Madden 12 appears to be an accurate representation of players’ quirks. Gamers looking to see Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers’ championship belt celebration will finally get to witness it in Madden 12. Of course, it wasn’t until this past season that Rodgers jumped onto nearly every football fans’ radar, but that doesn’t mean other players won’t be receiving equally as accurate representations.

With a combination of new physics-based features and a commitment to stay “true to the game,” Madden 12 might, as of yet, be without that mechanic that differentiates this version from last year’s. However, with a unique situation in the upcoming NFL season’s uncertainty, Madden 12 has the chance to provide fans with the only football experience on the market.

With that idea in mind it stands to reason that EA Sports needn’t have done anything but slightly tweak the mechanics of Madden 11 and the game would sell like gangbusters. However, by trying to add a new polish to Madden and with an assumed set of features yet to be announced, Madden 12 just might be the best selling entry in the franchise yet.

What do you think of the first unveiled tweaks for Madden 12? What do you hope to see implemented in this year’s entry?

Madden 12 releases August 30, 2011 on the PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, Wii, 3DS, and PSP.

Source: Gamespot