‘Mad Max’ Gameplay Revealed in New Trailer

By | 2 years ago 

In just a few weeks time, Mad Max: Fury Road will grace movie theaters across the world. The post-apocalyptic film has built up a considerable amount of hype thanks to the jaw-dropping trailers, featuring Tom Hardy as the titular anti-hero.

However, lucky fans of the franchise are getting a double dose of Max this year. Besides the new film, a Mad Max open world video game is on the way from the talented people at Avalanche Studios. A fresh look at the game was given just recently in the form of some gorgeous screenshots, but nothing beats a gameplay trailer. Finally, it’s the game’s turn to have a jaw-dropping trailer of its own.

The new trailer is an overview of the gameplay that gamers can expect from Mad Max when it releases later this year. At the start of the trailer, it shows Max pulled from his car, beaten to a bloody pulp, and left for dead in the desert.

Max without a car is like Mortal Kombat without Fatalities. It just doesn’t work. So, the first goal of the player is to build a new car, called the Magnum Opus. As shown in the trailer, Max is able to acquire new parts and gear to outfit the Magnum Opus, which the player can customize at a certain in-game location.

Upgrading the Magnum Opus isn’t the only goal of the player in Mad Max. Improving the gear and abilities of Max himself is another major aspect to the gameplay, and will be necessary for survival.

It seems that the main purpose of upgrading Max is to have him ready for the hand-to-hand combat, which was also fully unveiled for the first time in this new trailer. Fans of the Batman: Arkham franchise will feel right at home with Mad Max, as the combat system looks virtually identical to the one found in those games. Of course, there’s a few differences that set Max apart from Batman though…namely the stabbing.

Max is adept at rough, hand-to-hand battles, but he also has access to a variety of different weapons. There are guns in the game, but considering the setting is a massive desert with little supplies, ammunition is scarce. To make up for this, Max has access to a slew of other weapons, including knives, axes, and explosives.

'Mad Max' Gameplay - Max in combat

Max won’t just be murdering his way through the desert, though. The vast wasteland is full of hidden items and resources that Max must loot to survive. The heavier items can be dragged through the sand using the grappling hook that can be fired from the rear of the Magnum Opus, but smaller items like crafting materials (to enhance Max’s gear) and health replenishing food (in this case, a can of dog food, as well the remains of a desert corpse) can be handled by Max by himself.

Exploring the wasteland for these supplies is going to be a major part of the open world gameplay of Mad Max. Like other open world games, Mad Max will also feature plenty of other characters to interact with, besides just those that populate the main story. Not all of the inhabitants of the wasteland are blood-thirsty lunatics, and by completing side quests, Max will even able to become allies with those that are less prone to trying to kill him.

However, the wasteland is a dangerous place, so exploring it in order to find and complete these quests is a risky venture, even for someone as cold-blooded as Max. Besides the obvious human threats, Max is also subjected to the elements, including suffocating sandstorms and awe-inspiring lightning blasts that will fry anyone unlucky enough to be caught in them.

Beyond this, the trailer also offers a smattering of what the rest of the gameplay will entail. Glimpses of third-person exploration, using ziplines to get around, explosive vehicular combat (both in first- and third-person), a harrowing battle on a narrow bridge, a fight inside of an electrified cage, and a sniper duel can all be seen in the trailer.

If this new trailer is anything to go by, Mad Max is definitely going to be a game to watch out for when it releases. Honestly, it may even be Game of the Year material, which is not common for a licensed title.

In any case, Avalanche Studios has really stepped up their game as of late. Not only do they have Mad Max on the way and looking phenomenal, but they’re also working on another massive open world project in the form of Just Cause 3. Considering the opinion of Avalanche Studios that games nowadays are just too short, expect both Mad Max and Just Cause 3 to be stuffed with content to keep players coming back for more.

Mad Max will be available on September 1st for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube