‘Mad Max’ Game Releases New ‘Savage Road’ Trailer, Reveals Story

By | 1 year ago 

The Mad Max franchise has been pretty hot lately with Mad Max: Fury Road hitting a home run with movie critics and movie-goers alike. While fans are eager for more chaos and destruction set in this universe, Avalanche Studios is looking to make good on that franchise with their upcoming apocalyptic open world transmedia title that’s set in the same universe.

Looking to capitalize on the recent success of the current blockbuster hit, Mad Max: Fury Road, Avalanche Studios has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Mad Max title in advance of E3 in June. And coincidentally (or not), the footage bears a more striking resemblance to that aforementioned feature film.

With the “Savage Road” trailer for Mad Max, players are given a deeper look at that game’s story, key characters, and more gameplay. While the title exists outside of the recently released movie, Max finds himself alone in The Wasteland after being captured and beaten. The anti-hero eventually teams up with a scavenger known as Chumbucket and the two set out to create the ultimate war machine while staying alive in the dangerous wastes.

While the action in the trailer focuses on the impressively destructive car battles reminiscent of what the movie franchise is known for, fans will also get a look at how the game handles combat when not in a car. The hand-to-hand action looks straight out of the Batman Arkham games or last year’s hit title Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, games which also fall under the Warner Bros umbrella.

mad max savage road

After officially revealing Mad Max through a CG trailer at E3 2013, Avalanche Studios had been pretty quiet about the title until earlier this year, when they revealed the September 1 release date and a trailer showing off many of the gameplay elements players can expect to find in the retail release. With only a few short weeks left until E3 2015 kicks off, it’s fair to assume that Avalanche will be there to show off actual gameplay straight from the title.

While Mad Max has been in development for well over two years, the game has had an interesting history before winding up at Avalanche. It was recently uncovered that the developers on the original Fallout games were initially tapped into doing a game based on Mad Max, but things never worked out.

The original plan was to pair the game, which was to be set as a party-based RPG, alongside the movie now known as Fury Road. Unfortunately for Interplay, the uneven and rocky production schedule of the movie caused Universal Studios to hand control of the IP over to Warner Bros. When making a decision on the associated game, the company instead went with Avalanche Studios and to moved away from Interplay.

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Mad Max is scheduled for release on Sepetember 1, 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.