‘Mad Max’ Screenshots Show Off Games’ Souped-Up Post-Apocolyptic World

By | 2 years ago 

With the Tom Hardy fronted Mad Max: Fury Road a scant three weeks away, Mad Max mania seems to be reaching a fever pitch. With fans clamoring for more Max Rockatansky, developer Avalanche Studios has decided to whet appetites by unveiling screenshots for their forthcoming game Mad Max.

These new Mad Max screenshots highlight the games’ lush, open world, the terrifying inhabitants of said world, and some of the souped-up desert vehicles players are going to take for a spin once the game releases on September 4th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The game, developed by the team responsible for the popular sandbox destruction series Just Cause, seems to be going to meticulous lengths to translate the brutal and unforgiving world of Mad Max into the world of video games. These Mad Max screenshots feature all the cars outfitted in spikes, mutated, leather clad bandits, and vast stretches of desert that the series is known for.

Ever since its initial unveiling at E3 in 2013, details about the game have been scant. Thus far, Avalanche Studios has only revealed that the game tasks Max with venturing into the Plains of Silence to recover his treasured car, the Pursuit Special. Judging from the screenshots, the Plains of Silence don’t seem particularly silent, with Max encountering plenty of marauders and giant, fire-belching buildings. The game is said to emphasize the freedom of choice, allowing players to go about this mission quietly or with guns blazing. Crafting also plays a vital part in the game, allowing Max to salvage scrap and cobble together guns, bombs, and car parts.

When Max isn’t scavenging for scrap or punching bandits, he’ll be zipping around the wasteland in buggies and muscle cars outfitted with plenty of guns and unnecessary spikes. Mad Max puts a large emphasis on vehicular combat, with plenty of roving gangs cruising the Plains of Silence looking to wipe out anyone unlucky enough to cross their path. Vehicles are highly customizable, with plenty of engines, wheels, and paint jobs to pick through and create the perfect post-apocalyptic car.

For superfans curious as to where the game fits into the Mad Max canon, Avalanche is remaining mum. The titular Mad Max in the game resembles neither the original Max, Mel Gibson, nor his Brit replacement, Tom Hardy, but he’s still Max deep down. He throws jaw-rattling punches, blows scavengers away with ridiculous weapons, and hops behind the wheel of plenty of muscle cars.

While hands-on impressions of the game at previous showings were resoundingly positive, Mad Max has been delayed several times, with the constant push-backs leading many to speculate that the game would eventually be shelved. Despite simultaneously working on Just Cause 3, Avalanche Studios promises that Mad Max is coming, and from the looks of these screenshots, it should be worth the wait.

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