It’s been a long time since any word of the rumored Mad Max video game surfaced, but like the iconic post-apocalyptic hero whose name it bears, it refuses to die. After Avalanche Studios – the makers of the Just Cause franchise – was largely reported to be at work on a tie-in game for George Miller’s big screen reboot Mad Max: Fury Road, updates or even an official confirmation were nowhere to be found.

Since the film was running into delays, the game hitting some turbulence wasn’t particularly surprising. But now that the film is back on track – with Tom Hardy playing Max Rockatansky – what does it mean for the game? It’s not an announcement, but there is evidence that it may be coming soon, as Warner Bros. has purchased a number of web domains tied to a Mad Max video game.

The reports come from internet sleuth Superannuation, uncovering multiple web domains, such as ‘,’ ‘’ and ‘’ all purchased by Warner Bros. without fanfare. Needless to say, the addresses speak for themselves.

Just Cause 3 Rumors

There’s been no news on either Mad Max or Just Cause 3 for that matter, so whether that is a sign of trouble at Avalanche or simply evidence that both have been re-developed for next-gen consoles, we expect to hear some update on either within the near future. The designs of Fury Road‘s post-apocalypse setting and vehicles certainly wouldn’t be out of place in a modern video game, but with news on the movie itself still a long way away, we’d recommend fans take this as an interesting indication, nothing more.

That being said, it’s not hard to see why Mad Max could either succeed or be overlooked completely in today’s games industry. Apocalyptic settings are far from rare, as are open worlds, but depending on the amount of funding and ambition behind it, the name alone could attract enough attention to at least make it a cult hit.

What would you hope to see in a Mad Max video game? An open world, post-apocalyptic game with sandbox elements like Just Cause, or a more cinematic experience to tie-in with the film? More importantly, should the game bring the classic Mel Gibson take on the character to gamers everywhere, or replace him with Tom Hardy’s rebooted take? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

A Mad Max game is still unannounced, and without a release date. Mad Max: Fury Road releases in theaters late 2013.

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Source: Superannuation