Mad Catz Announces New 3DS Accessories

One of the most important things to consider after purchasing a new console is what you're going buy with it. Going beyond controllers and cables; there are keypads, headsets, decals for the stylish gamer and of course, games. The launch of the Nintendo 3DS will be no different and luckily, Mad Catz has us covered with a whole line of new 3DS accessories from bags to screen protectors.

Gamers who are always on the move will fancy the Nintendo 3DS Traveller Bag. This bag can hold everything needed for the 3DS, including 21 games and 2 styli. There's a compartment for AC adapters, headphones and it could even be used for additonal game storage, for those who plan to have an extensive library of 3DS games. With the rumored ten games at launch, the Traveller Bag might be a good option. This unit is clearly designed to be a go-to bag for gamers when the zombie apocalypse hits and they need all of their 3DS gear in one place. Though this would probably be put to better use traveling to PAX and other gaming conventions. Gamers can pickup the Traveller Bag for 19.99.

Mad Catz 3DS Traveller Bag

A hungry gamer could even fit in a flatbread sandwich if they wanted. Just make sure it's well sealed.

Minimalists will prefer the Microsuede SlipCase, priced at 12.99. The SlipCase can carry one 3DS unit and  up to three games within a sleek protective lining. Mad Catz describes this case as "discrete and refined" and it seems this case was created for those of us who carry handhelds in our pockets or in a backpack. The wallet design invites gamers to place this in a back pocket, just make sure not to sit on it.

Mad Catz 3DS MicroSuede SlipCase

The Extendable Stylus 3-Pak are for those who prefer a longer stylus for added comfort and control during long gaming sessions. Ringing in at 5.99 this stylus pack comes in a variety of colors, and the additional styli are perfect for those who are prone to losing them. Those who require screen protection as well as a comfortable stylus can pick up the 3DS Stylus & Screen Protector Pak for 9.99. This pack comes with the three styli mentioned before with the addition of two sets of screen protectors. Gamers can also pick up a stand-alone Screen Protector Pak for 7.99 which comes with the two sets of protectors and a microfiber cloth.

One interesting thing that stands out with this announcement is the fact that Mad Catz states the styli will be "provided in colors which match the console." This would indicate that Mad Catz already knows which colors of the 3DS will be available at launch. This would make sense if Nintendo wants them to have the accessories ready in time for launch. It will also explain why we don't have any pictures of the stylus packs.

Are you planning on picking up these accessories when the 3DS launches this year?

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