To get your blood pumping and tummies tickled this Friday afternoon, Game Rant presents to you some awesome fan-made live-action movie trailers for two classic games, Donkey Kong and Luigi’s Mansion. Both parodies follow their respective sources to their true roots and stick to what made them so enjoyable.

Video game movies are tough to come by and accept when there are so many things that tend to go wrong with them (See: House of the Dead, Doom, BloodRayne, etc.). Needless to say, there’s a lot of pressure with fanboys watching every move and decision made. Sometimes, gamers get fed up with the movie industry and take things into their own hands…

In this case, fans went out of their way to produce fake movie trailers, catered to video gaming community. Check out a few of our fake movie trailer picks from last year that got us buzzing.

When you want to reach for your dreams (and have enough money at your disposal), sometimes hard work pays off. Take Dan Trachtenberg’s short film based on Portal as an example – it’s a film that stunned audiences with his attention to detail and its dark story.

Even Kevin Tanchareon’s epic journey to create his Mortal Kombat reboot, which went from a pitch trailer, into a funded web series, then to landing the gig for a full feature adaptation is inspiring.

Machinima, the minds who developed the fake Super Mario Bros. movie trailer, The Plumber, presents this faux movie trailer for Mr. Kong. Equipped with barrels, hammers and a red tie, this movie trailer does this live-action adaptation justice:


Now for those who like a little slow burn with their horror, than this next video, the Luigi’s Mansion trailer, is right up your alley. Join Luigi as he scours the infamous haunted mansion equipped with his flashlight and vacuum cleaner:


If you had the money and the equipment to create a short film, fake trailer, or full length video game adaptation film, which video game would you choose? Would you change the genre of the game to appeal to a wide audience or would you stick to the game’s true roots?

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