Gamers have (at the very least) suspected that Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon would feature some sort of multiplayer functionality when it eventually made its way to the Nintendo 3DS. The official profile for the game on Nintendo’s website claimed that the title would feature multiplayer of some kind, but specifics on such a feature were never elaborated upon — the page itself even stated that Luigi’s Mansion was strictly a single-player endeavour.

Now Nintendo has finally confirmed that the game will feature at least one multiplayer feature known as ‘Hunter Mode’. This multiplayer offering will allow up to four players to meet up online and scale a spooky tower known as the ScareScraper. Each player will be represented by a slightly different colored Luigi, and players will need to work together in order to dispatch some of the ghoulish monstrosities wandering each floor of the building.

Players partaking in this mode will actually be able to select the difficulty of the tower itself, and how many floors the tower itself consists of (either 5, 10, or 25 levels are available). At the top of each tower, regardless of how tall or difficult participants choose to make it, is a boss battle that all four of the players engaging in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon can work together to dispatch. If a player gets downed by a demonic spirit, then they’ll still be able to continue playing through the ScareScraper — provided they’re revived by another multi-colored Luigi.

Luigi's Mansion 2 Screenshots

It’s easy for this particular news to get overshadowed by some of the larger pieces of Nintendo reveals that have surfaced this week, but it’s still noteworthy news for fans nonetheless. The initial delay of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, presumably brought on by the game’s newly announced multiplayer, should pan out to be well worth the wait, and that wait won’t be much longer at all.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will creep onto the Nintendo 3DS on March 24.

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