Luigi's Mansion 3 Will Have Paid Multiplayer DLC

luigis mansion 3 paid dlc

Luigi's Mansion 3 is giving players plenty of options if they are looking for a new multiplayer experience on the Nintendo Switch. Not only can Luigi's Mansion 3 players go through the game in co-op with their Gooigi partner, but they can also partake in the ScareScraper and ScreamPark multiplayer modes. As it turns out, ScareScraper and ScreamPark will be supported post-launch as well through paid DLC.

This has been confirmed by Game Informer, which reported that Luigi's Mansion 3 will in fact have paid DLC. The exact nature of the Luigi's Mansion 3 paid DLC is unknown at the time of this writing, but one has to imagine that the DLC will add new maps to the mix. Maybe even new playable characters are a possibility as well, but we won't know for sure until Nintendo decides to reveal more information.

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For the uninitiated, ScareScraper is a co-op mode in Luigi's Mansion 3 that lets up to eight players work together to advance through a haunted skyscraper. ScreamPark, meanwhile, also supports eight players, but is a versus mode instead of co-op. Four players play on Team Luigi and four others play on Team Gooigi, with the object being to collect more ghosts and coins than the other team.

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It remains to be seen exactly how popular Luigi's Mansion 3's multiplayer modes will be, but those who do enjoy them will likely be happy to learn that the modes will be supported post-launch with paid DLC. However, some fans have expressed disappointment that Luigi's Mansion 3 will have paid DLC, as they fear it means the game won't release in a "complete" state. Other fans have become used to free DLC maps in multiplayer games, and may be reluctant to pay more for new maps in Luigi's Mansion 3.

However, it's worth pointing out that most multiplayer games that offer free DLC characters and maps often have microtransactions, whereas Luigi's Mansion 3 does not. Paid DLC maps do mean that Luigi's Mansion 3 will run the risk of splitting up the online multiplayer community a bit, but the game's multiplayer seems more focused on local anyway, so it shouldn't be a huge issue.

We'll find out if the Luigi's Mansion 3 multiplayer modes will be worth releasing new content for once the game releases this coming Halloween.

Luigi's Mansion 3 launches October 31, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Game Informer

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