Luigi to Be Playable in 'Super Mario 3D Land'

Luigi Playable in Super Mario 3D Land

There's no denying just how iconic Mario is within the gaming industry, and people will always run to pick up and play his latest title. Super Mario 3D Land surely won't be an exception when it makes its highly anticipated debut on the Nintendo 3DS later next month.

With all this talk of Mario, many may have overlooked his little brother Luigi!

It's time to finally rest any concerns that may have initially been had about Luigi being left out of the latest Super Mario title. A recent trailer for Super Mario 3D Land, released on Nintendo of Japan's official website, reveals that not only is Luigi appearing in the game, but he will indeed be playable. As per usual, it seems that the green-loving and noticeably taller brother will play a bit differently from the game's main protagonist. Just by looking at the footage it seems that Luigi is able to actually jump higher than his sibling, which sounds like an appealing ability for those looking to grab coins that may be out-of-reach for Mario.

Check out Luigi in action, right here. Be warned that the video and following paragraph do contain SPOILERS.


The footage also reveals some other interesting things that were previously unknown about Super Mario 3D Land. It would appear that Shadow Mario will be returning, and players will once again be able to turn Mario to stone with the Tanooki suit. Details are still slim on how exactly the stone ability works - but it would appear to have something to do with that bandana around Mario's neck.

On top of all that, the new StreetPass feature in Super Mario 3D Land was shown in action. The video itself indicates that players will be given items via Toad Houses and the items will actually be gift wrapped — who doesn't love presents? The more StreetPass encounters, the more items will be awaiting the pudgy plumber whenever players decide to boot up the game again.

The only thing that really leaves me baffled at this point is just why Nintendo didn't use Shadow Mario in lieu of Metal Mario for Mario Kart 7... wouldn't that have a little more sense since, you know, they're not the same person?

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