Lucina, Gold Mario, and More Hard To Find Amiibo Returning


Best Buy reveals that six out-of-stock Amiibo are returning to stores in October, with the high-demand Lucina Amiibo being exclusive to the big box retailer.

The unexpected popularity of Amiibo figures left fans scrambling when they first arrived in 2014, and many gamers' collections are still incomplete. Nintendo appears to be still working to make more Amiibo available, re-releasing certain rare Amiibo to the market once again.

Best Buy has now revealed that the Gold Mario, Lucina, Mega Man, Pit, Samus, and Sonic the Hedgehog Amiibo will be restocked starting on October 14th in-store and online. The Lucina Amiibo will be an exclusive to Best Buy, but the others will presumably be available at other major retailers, too. Gamers can place pre-orders now, or wait to try and scoop them up in-store on the day of release.

The majority of these Amiibo were in high demand and short supply when they first premiered, especially in the case of the Gold Mario, which sold out instantly. The Gold Mario Amiibo was previously only available at Walmart, intended to be paired with Mario Party 10. It remains unclear if Walmart lost the exclusivity to the Amiibo, or if Nintendo is purposefully changing it up to give fans a chance who may not have the opportunity to visit the big box retailer. In any case, this may be collectors' best opportunity to pick up Amiibo that either sold out or were formerly-exclusive without having to go to the New York Nintendo World Store, which sells every Amiibo ever produced.


Amiibo were a smash hit when they released, much to the surprise of Nintendo. It's been struggling to keep up with the demand ever since, but thankfully, it seems to have changed its mind about card Amiibo. Initially, Nintendo suggested selling cards with Amiibo chips in them to serve as stand-ins for the out-of-stock popular figures, much to the dismay of fans. While it's still producing card Amiibo for titles like Animal Crossing, it would appear that the company has since realized that gamers want Amiibo not just for the gameplay features they provide, but for the fun of having an affordable figure of one's favorite character, too.

More Amiibo are still on their way, with Super Smash Bros. fighters Bayonetta and Cloud slated to come out later this year. In the meantime, gamers who missed out on certain waves of Amiibo shouldn't miss this opportunity, as these Amiibo could potentially sell out fast once again. Considering the extreme mark-ups some of the rarer Amiibo have had on reseller sites like eBay, this may be the last chance to pick up these characters at an affordable price.

Gold Mario, Lucina, Mega Man, Pit, Samus, and Sonic the Hedgehog Amiibo will be available on October 14th.

Source: Best Buy

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