Keen observers will notice that LucasArts has begun hiring for a slew of different genres, including FPS games, Aerial Combat games and the Action/Adventure genre. But what possible titles could LucasArts be working on?

With there being so few Star Wars games in recent years outside of LEGO and Clone Wars (for kids) games, could LucasArts be ready to bring back some of the best Star Wars video game series of that past?

For the Action/Adventure genre, it’s possible that LucasArts is hiring for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 3. The Force Unleashed 2 ended with a huge cliffhanger, and with creative director Haden Blackman having left before The Force Unleashed 2 had even gone gold, it’s likely that Lucas Arts is trying to ensure the quality is up to snuff on the series’ third outing. That is, of course, assuming the Force Unleashed franchise isn’t totally dead.

LucasArts also owns other IPs, including Indiana Jones, and with the success of titles like Uncharted and the hype building for the new Tomb Raider reboot, it is also likely that LucasArts could be attempting to ride off the success of those two titles. The job listing states that “experience with cinematic action adventures is a plus”, which lends credence to either theory.

When it comes to Aerial Combat, LucasArts is much reveled in the genre. The studio has put out a multitude of critically acclaimed games, most notably the X-Wing series on the PC and the Rogue Squadron games on the Nintendo 64 and GameCube. Considering how much notoriety those games have received over the years, it is likely that LucasArts could be trying to bring it back, as the job listing cites experience in the Space Combat genre as a plus. With all of recent remakes and HD collection coming out of this genre, it wouldn’t be surprising if LucasArts were trying to remake one of these games.

[Ed. Note: X-Wing Alliance is a game that needs a follow-up]

LucasArts also has previous experience in the FPS genre. Star Wars: Dark Forces (which led into the Jedi Knight games) and Star Wars: Battlefront are probably the most well known and we can’t forget about Republic Commando. The long-rumored Battlefront 3 seems much more likely, as fans have been hoping for a new release in the franchise for years. The game was originally said to be in development at Free Radical, before the release of Haze forced the studio to close down and be swallowed up by Crytek. After that the title was said to be handed over to Pandemic, though they too were later shut down by EA. Rumors also began to crop up that the game was in development at Slant Six, most known for their SOCOM games and the upcoming Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. At one point, Battlefield 3 was also offered for pre-order on the GameStop website, though it has since been removed (read: marketing ploy).

With the Star Wars Blu Rays releasing today, and the current Star Wars fire sale going on across PSN and Steam, it seems likely that a Star Wars related announcement could be in the works.

What do you think or hope Lucas Arts is working on?

Source: Gamespot

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