Whether you loved or hated the series finale of LOST, the ABC show had an enormous impact on the future of television dramas. While current favorites like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones have become the new water cooler darlings, they’re still grounded in the “event” show culture that LOST helped establish. Throughout the history of television, many series have been considered “must watch” but Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse produced a show that made post-watching conversations a near-essential part of the experience and week after week viewers relished in LOST-related information, theories, and speculation.

Unfortunately for gamers, the 2008 video game tie-in LOST: Via Domus was an unpolished and underwhelming piece of supplemental show content that did little to shed light on the overall series characters and plot. Instead, nearly four years later, College Humor has delivered a superior LOST game adaptation – a 16-bit RPG.

Of course, LOST RPG isn’t actually a playable title and gamers will only get to enjoy six minutes of scripted tongue-in-cheek gameplay footage. Still, the LOST RPG video delivers more enjoyment in its brief runtime than most our countless hours spent wandering around the generic Dharma world in LOST: Via Domus.

Lost Via Domus

It goes without saying that the video contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the show – including the controversial ending – but, after the LOST series finale was outright spoiled in Judd Apatow’s recent comedy This Is 40, it’s safe to say that the LOST spoiler embargo has officially expired.

A few especially entertaining highlights featured in the video (among numerous others):

  • Claire accent alliteration: “Moh-Bah-Bee” and “Thoinks.”
  • Michael equipping the “Walt Whistle” item: “Waaaaaaaaalt!”
  • Henry Gale is evolving into Ben Linus: -100 Honesty/+100 Bad Ass Ery
  • Level 3’s Goal: Survive Season 3 – Dodge Bad Plot Points and Make it to the Finale!
  • Level 4: “Constant” Challenge: Balance Romance and Information!
  • Spin the Frozen Donkey Wheel (Note: Un-Watch “Jack’s Tattoos”)
  • Jack: Used “Awesome Jump Punch.”

It’s also worth noting the great 16-bit soundtrack composed for the video which makes smart (retro) use of Michael Giacchino’s score.

Lost 16 Bit RPG Video

For now, players can only live their dreams of a LOST RPG by replaying the College Humor video. Still, considering that Community fans have banded together for a playable version of Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne and Jurassic Park enthusiasts have seen major progress in their Jurassic Life mod (especially after an underwhelming Jurassic Park: The Game effort from Telltale Games), it’s certainly possible that LOST could eventually enjoy its own 16-bit RPG.

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Source: College Humor

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