Last month, gamers who follow the Lost Planet series were delighted to learn that they could look forward to a third iteration of the game in 2013. While development of Lost Planet 3 continues into the new year, Capcom has announced that the franchise will also be receiving a spin-off in the form of the radically different looking E.X. Troopers. The only catch is that the game will, for now anyway, be exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS.

EX Troopers features an entirely different aesthetic to what has been found in any other Lost Planet games, instead going for a much more cartoony vibe. The game’s art style doesn’t help indicate which series EX Troopers belongs to, but once the Akrid make their appearance it quickly begins to look vaguely familiar.

Ex Troopers throws players into the snow-covered boots of Bren, the game’s protagonist. With his flowing pink anime-styled hair and trusty A.I. operated vitality suit, named Gingira – this is a very different main character than Lost Planet 3‘s Jim. Bren is attending an academy of sorts on E.D.N. III (a well known planet to LP aficionados), where he’ll team up with friends and classmates to defeat the Akrid menace.

This is not a franchise that many gamers saw getting a spin-off — let alone a spin-off with a dramatically different art style — which makes this game even more bizarre. EX Troopers is on track to make a playable appearance at Capcom‘s Summer Jam at the end of June, which means there’s a good chance the game may be at E3 — presuming it’ll be localized for release in North America.

E.X. Troopers is currently sans release date, but it should be coming exclusively to the 3DS and PS3 at some point later this year.

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Source: Andriasang