The first two Lost Planet games were never billed as happy-go-lucky shooters, but compared to, Lost Planet 3, they might as well be. New footage and screenshots show the third game is taking a much darker turn than its predecessors.

The latest gameplay trailer for Lost Planet 3 shows main protagonist Jim travelling through an underground complex. While watching the trailer, gamers may notice similarities to the Dead Space franchise, as flashing lights and eerie noises are used to invoke tension in the player.

Mechs also make their return this time around, and are shown in full force. When the player takes control of a mech, the camera will switch to first person, and the triggers can be used to drill into Akrid enemies and the environment. Players are also able to pick up smaller enemies and stab with the drill, though there doesn’t seem to be an option to throw them afterwards. At least, such an option wasn’t shown in the trailer.

It’s evident in both the trailer and the screenshots below that Lost Planet 3 is looking pretty gorgeous. The lighting effects stand out the most, though the character models could use a bit of work.

Lost Planet 3 is looking to be a big departure from its predecessors, and I’m actually pretty excited. I could never get into the first two games – the PS3 port of Lost Planet turned me off from the original while the lack of narrative structure in Lost Planet 2 made me lose interest in the sequel. However, Lost Planet 3‘s new-found emphasis on narrative, coupled with the slick though safe-looking gameplay, have given me a renowned interest in the franchise. It doesn’t dissuade me that Spark Unlimited is developing the title – I actually enjoyed Legendary. I take it, for many readers, that statement may have invalidated my opinion.

Even if the game doesn’t live up to the latest trailer, there’s always Ex Troopers, the cell-shaded Lost Planet spin-off. Which had better come to North America, you hear me Capcom?

Lost Planet 3 releases in 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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Source: VG247