The Lost Planet franchise hasn’t exactly been met with the kind of reception that Capcom had hoped, but Lost Planet 3 is set to reboot the series and take it in an entirely new, yet familiar, direction. Fans of the series have been awaiting on an official confirmation for the forthcoming game’s release date for quite some time, and Capcom has finally brought that date to light — along with a brand spanking new trailer, a number of never-before-seen screenshots, and official box art.

Capcom confirmed this morning that Lost Planet 3 will be making its way to retailers later this year on June 25th, which is great news for anyone who’s been anticipating the title. This still means that it’ll be few more months until the final product is available to the masses, but the heaps of media that accompanied this reveal should more than tide over those eager to slaughter some Akrid.

Focusing on the story of the third Lost Planet game, the latest trailer reveals a little bit more about the plot that’ll carry players through LP3. According to the latest trailer, as well as previous information that’s been confirmed about the title, the game’s protagonist, Jim, signs up to work on a planet known as E.D.N. III under the employ of NEVEC — a company that uses the planet to drill and obtain an energy source called T-Eng. Jim quickly learns that not all is as it seems, however, and quickly finds himself questioning the motives of his employer.

The quality of the adventure that awaits players on the snow-covered, monster-filled wilderness of E.D.N. III is still unknown, but they can rest assured that their trusty mech will aid them when they need it most. That is, as long the machine isn’t completely frozen in place by a massive ice storm, similarly to how it was in Lost Planet 3‘s announcement trailer.

Get ready to find Lost Planet 3 on store shelves this June 25th for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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