After Lost Planet 2 failed to bank significant cash for Capcom, many thought that the series wouldn’t be seen again. Much to everyone’s surprise, however, it was confirmed back in April that Lost Planet 3 would be arriving at some point in 2013, but it wouldn’t be the same old song and dance that consumers largely ignored back in 2010. Instead, the third installment will take the series in an entirely different direction; featuring everything from first-person mech battles to survival-horror elements.

Few reboots have looked as good as Lost Planet 3, and better way to appeal to a seemingly fickle audience than to release a trailer highlighting 10 minutes of gameplay for the title.

Capcom released the 10 minutes of footage via its official Capcom Unity blog, and the video highlights several new gameplay additions. The entirety of the gameplay footage is narrated by an unnamed member of Lost Planet 3‘s development staff, and he explains various scenarios and new elements as they are displayed in-game. A majority of the clips featured in this year’s Gamescom trailer for Lost Planet 3 are given some background in this video too, much to the delight of fans looking for some context, and it’s evident that a much deeper story is lying just under the surface of the title’s action-packed exterior.

Lost Planet 3 Screenshots

The developer responsible for the Lost Planet reboot, Spark Unlimited, has managed to put unique spin on the thriving snow-covered planet of E.D.N. III, and a previously unseen amount of character development only helps makeĀ LP3 all that more appealing. Jim, the series’ new protagonist, will uncover secrets pertaining to the evil intentions of his employers (a.k.a. NEVAC), all while dealing with the harsh environments and even harsher wildlife found on the barren ice world he’s been sent to.

If Lost Planet 3 is as much fun to play as it looks, then gamers are in for an absolute treat. Now, if only there was a sign of what to expect from the third iteration’s multiplayer offerings…

Lost Planet 3 can finally be found on store shelves in early 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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Source: Capcom Unity