Capcom has announced plans for a charity program to tie in with the Lost Planet 2 multiplayer demo called “Kill Big For Charity”. The event starts this week as gamers begin downloading the game demo from either Xbox LIVE or PSN which will include a donation to Music for Relief. That’s right, a free multiplayer demo that includes a free charity donation. What have you got to lose?

The program, started by Capcom Unity, will start a $20,000 charity fund for the first million copies of the multiplayer demo downloaded. The program started March 31 and will run until May 5. If the million mark is surpassed, Capcom will tack on an additional $5,000 for every 500,000 downloaded demos. Early access codes for the Lost Planet 2 demo can be found here at the Lost Planet Community site.

Starting April 1, players can vie to win a seat in a celebrity Lost Planet 2 tournament taking place in Los Angeles on May 6th. Gamers will be selected on their best tips and tricks submitted for Lost Planet 2 on Capcom Unity. More details can be found here.

I’ve been very impressed with what Capcom’s been doing for fans lately. You know they’re doing a good job because you barely hear any bad things about them anymore. The kind of fan support offered from them is phenomenal and I hope they continue to pursue events like this. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the series, download a demo to donate to charity, it’s what Marcus Fenix would want.

Lost Planet 2 takes the hunt to the jungle on May 11, 2010.