'Lord Of The Rings: War In The North' Council Cut Brutal Combat Trailer

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What can be said about the Lord Of The Rings? It's one of the most iconic stories ever written, and is essentially the grandfather of all fantasy stories. Of course, its popularity has been helped considerably by the Peter Jackson films and since then, a number of games have come along to help establish the story as a franchise, and develop into a whole world fans can engulf themselves in. The most recent of these being Lord Of The Rings: War In The North, which looks to up the bloodshed to satisfy LOTR fans and gorehounds alike.

Some of you may remember the Brutal Combat trailer released a while back, which showed off just how messy the latest Lord of the Rings game could be: decapitations, bloodshed, troll stabbing, and evil helldragons being eaten by giant birds. That trailer recently received an extension thanks to War In The North development member Zack Peterson. In the new trailer, he talks about the new feature known as "Heroic Mode," which will allow the player to move seamlessly from enemy to enemy in the midst of battle.

This addition to the combat system almost sounds like the Freeflow Combat system from Batman: Arkham Asylum, a good comparison to be had as the combat in that game was excellently done. This certainly brings good news for this game, if they follow through on this concept. Not only that, but the trailer also seems to show off familiar areas from the story for fans to play in, such as the mountains of Caradhras and possibly even the Elven outpost, Rivendell.


Still, there's quite a bit left unanswered for Lord of the Rings: War if the North. When does this war take place? During the quest of the One Ring? Eons before it? Who exactly are you fighting? Is it Sauron? Or one of his minions? And just what was that stone giant thing?

What are your thoughts? Will the new combat system enhance the game? What are your theories on this game's placement in the chronology? What other locations from the story do you want to play in?

Lord Of The Rings: War In The North will release later this year for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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