Although many gamers love to jump from MMO to MMO, each title has its own ravenous fan base that stays loyal from day 1 until the servers finally shut down. Take Lord of the Rings Online, for example — a title with a solid fan base that will presumably play for as long as they can.

However, while the idea of playing LOTRO into 2015 and 2016 is a believable scenario given the MMO’s popularity among fans, a post on the official Lord of the Rings Online forums called that into question earlier this week. But, developer Turbine was quick to dismiss any fears, and promise that support for Lord of the Rings Online will continue, perhaps until 2017.

The concern first started after Turbine revealed they would not introduce any new dungeons into Lord of the Rings Online. If that didn’t sound like a developer ready to call it quits on their MMO, Turbine further called the game’s future into question when they rejected the idea of combining LORTO servers.

The uproar was short-lived, though, after Community Manager Rick Heaton revealed the Lord of the Rings license had been renewed through 2017. And in case there was any confusion, Heaton outright said that “[Turbine] plans to support Lord of the Rings Online for many years to come.”

But while the fear of Lord of the Rings Online going the way of Star Wars Galaxies was quelled, Turbine did not detail how far that support will reach. We already know that new dungeons are not in the game’s future, but what about any form of new content. Does support simply mean that Turbine will keep the LOTRO servers up and running while they work on another project? Is that why they renewed the license?

Whatever the case may be, the good news is Lord of the Rings Online will live on. Not only that, but gamers have two additional Middle-earth adventures in their future: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and LEGO: The Hobbit.

Are you glad to hear Lord of the Rings Online will still get support in the foreseeable future? Do you think Turbine will pare down their new content rollouts?

Source: Lord of the Rings Online