During the PSN crisis (remember that?) when the service shut down entirely and the private information of potentially millions escaped into the hands of hackers, Sony’s lovable marketing character Kevin Butler went silent and we missed him. He didn’t even show up at E3 this year, which was understandable, but still sad considering his motivational E3 2010 speech.

The VP of nearly everything for Sony announced via Twitter a few days ago that he could “only be made VP so many times” and that he was parting ways to becoming the President of Economy Flooring. Sony didn’t have much to say on the matter, only that they’ll have more info on his venture shortly and that time is now. Butler’s back!

The fictional Kevin Butler (played by actor Jerry Lambert) was created in 2009 as the face of PlayStation 3’s “It Only Does Everything” ad campaign and he quickly became an iconic character association with the PlayStation brands. With him being relatively silent in recent months, followed by these mysterious retirement tweets the other day, we suspected something was in the works at Sony and they’ve revealed what that was today: A new marketing campaign with a new slogan: Long Live Play

PlayStation has always been about the gamer and the PS3 is the ultimate portal to a land of infinite experiences and accomplishments. PlayStation is reaffirming our commitment to gamers like yourselves with “Long Live Play” — mixing humor and a little good, clean fun with the kind of entertainment content you crave.

What better way to transition than with a visit from Kevin Butler, back from his four-day retirement with a special message.

Kevin Butler, everyone:

With the recent PS3 price drop to $249.99 (great deal!) and the news that the console simple cannot support cross-game chat – it can’t do everything – so it’s a good time to change tune on the marketing front in preparation of the busy holiday season which will see Uncharted 3 finally hit store shelves and the PS Vita not long after the new year.

A Seadoo across the river, a no-look flaming crossbow shot and layers of clothing that include a life jacket – if this video doesn’t make you smile, you don’t play video games.

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Source: PlayStation.Blog