Logitech G400s Review

The Logitech G400s Optical Gaming Mouse is a relatively calm-looking device compared to some of the flashier alternatives on the market, but delivers a consistent and customizable performance none-the-less. With a comfortable grip and smooth textures, it’s a mouse that can perform on a variety of surfaces and performs well under pressure.

Logitech went with a solid plastic shell for the G400s, a mid-price mouse that offers a smooth and quiet interface – as opposed to some of the flashy lights of their competitors. Right out of the box, the G400s feels natural in the grip of the hand.  The contours along the edges allow for natural hand placement and the smooth textures and shapes allow for a comfortable and sturdy grip. Given that the design here was smooth plastic, achieving the balance of comfort and firmness was no small task. The grip also manages to resist sweat almost entirely, making it easy to hold during intense gaming moments.

Unlike its fancier cousin, the G400s does not feature any adjustable weights. Given that the mouse itself is very lightweight compared to others on the market (and, indeed, weighs in at less than the USB cable it comes with), gamers looking to put some weight to their movements may want either the G500 or to took elsewhere for their optical mouse needs.

Logitech’s G400 features plenty of DPI-related features, including three buttons along the scroll wheel which allow the user to increase and decrease the dpi on-the-fly, ensuring players never have to leave their games to change settings when required. The third button sets the mouse back to a default dpi of 800, saving users from a guessing game when they want to zero back in on the default settings.

Logitech G400s Mouse

The G400 is USB 2.0 and comes with a fairly long cable. Unfortunately, the cable is unbraided and is prone to nasty tangles – a curious design flaw in an otherwise gorgeous mouse. To be fair, a rough-spun cable would seem to go against the smooth design flow that Logitech seemed to have in mind but the clunky tangling of the cord is still an unfortunate form over function side-effect.

Users can download free software for the mouse straight from Logitech, which allows for the creation of multiple user profiles. The software can also be used to program both side-buttons on the mouse, enabling custom combinations for gamers needing faster responsiveness.

Logitech also made sure these user-created profiles could be stored to the onboard memory of the mouse, meaning settings stick with the user even if the computer is changed. Though the mouse works with both Windows and Mac devices, the software to create these user profiles is only offered in Windows.

The Specs

  • 400 -4000 DPI Laser
  • 1,000Hz Polling Rate
  • 133 Grams

Those looking for an adequate gaming mouse will get a good package from the Logitech G400s, but there are plenty of other mice around the same price range which offer more customization and optional lighting effects. It also takes time to adjust to the sheer lightness of the mouse itself, which offers none of the adjustable weight options like the Logitech G500s.


The Logitech G400s is available now for $59.99.

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