Logitech G500s Wired Gaming Mouse Review

By | 3 years ago 

Logitech’s G500s Wired Gaming Mouse is a device for the gamer who values the “feel” of their mouse more than anything else. It’s a mouse that won’t win any of the bells and whistles categories – it isn’t geared towards MMO gamers and it doesn’t light up in several different colors – but can hold its own when it comes to customization.

On a purely functional level, the G500s feels perfect in the hand thanks to textured surfaces in key areas. Logitech supposedly researched the areas on a mouse that get the most attention, and outfitted those sections with a more tactile material.

As a result, the G500s fits smoothly in the hand and doesn’t slide or slip even after prolonged use. The textured surfaces are a little rough at first, but once the player notices their utility they will appreciate such a subtle touch.

The G500s also includes a customizable scroll wheel with two options: a free spinning and a click-to-click mode. Again, customization and personal preference play into this feature, as players can choose how they want their scroll wheel to interact. The free spinning mode better suits general browsing, for example, while the click-to-click works well when the scroll wheel is used for switching menus. Better yet, players can switch between either mode on the fly.

Perhaps the G500s’ banner feature is a small compartment in its undercarriage that can hold up to 27 grams worth of tiny weights. With these extra weights, players can alter the distribution and center of gravity of the G500s to better suite their play style.

Some gamers might never need to use the weights, but those who want the most precise feedback possible will find there are literally hundreds of combinations to choose from. Gamers that like a more fine-tuned approach to their mouse movements, for example, will want to up the G500s’ weight, while others might want to create a solid center mass for mimicking the sensation of using a flight stick. It’s a novel concept, sure, but one that truly changes the mouse experience once players find their sweet spot.

In addition to those three key unique features, the G500s mouse also offers a few standard gaming mouse settings. Those include the ability to switch mouse sensitivity on the fly, 10 programmable buttons scattered across its face, and the ability to program mouse settings based on individual games.

The Specs

  • 10 Programmable Buttons
  • Dual-Mode Scroll Wheel
  • Adjustable Weight Cartridge and 27g worth of weights
  • 200dpi – 8200dpi Laser
  • 2 Meter USB Cord
  • Low-friction Feet

Overall, Logitech‘s G500s offers the type of customization that only the most die-hard PC gamers will appreciate, but most will recognize. Being able to adjust the center of gravity in the mouse is something a lot of gamers will find completely useless, while others will instantly recognize the value of such a feature. The same goes for the feel of the mouse, which takes some time to get used to, but encourages longer play sessions and reduces grip loss.

Yes, there are more expensive mice out there, some that offer similar feature-sets to the G500s, but many of those mice are much more expensive. At $69.99, the Logitech G500s is a mid-tier gaming mouse (not unlike the Razer Naga) that’s flexible enough to meet most needs, and one we think is well worth checking out.

What do you think of the Logitech G500s gaming mouse? Does it sound like a device for you?

The Logitech G500s is available now for $69.99.