First Logan Paul vs. KSI Rematch Details Revealed

first logan paul vs ksi rematch details revealed

In August of 2018, YouTube personalities Logan Paul and KSI met fought each other in a boxing match in Manchester, England's Manchester Arena. The Logan Paul vs. KSI fight drew significant interest at the time, drawing around 15,000 fans to the Manchester Arena and watched by many others around the world through a pay-per-view YouTube stream. The match ultimately ended in a draw after six rounds of boxing, with many fans calling for a rematch. While an official date for the Logan Paul vs. KSI rematch has yet to be set, we do have some of the first details of what to expect from the bout.

TMZ recently spoke to Logan Paul about fighting KSI again. In the short interview, Paul takes some time to trash talk his opponent before revealing the venues being considered for the fight. According to Paul himself, the Logan Paul vs. KSI rematch will take place in Los Angeles, California at either the Staples Center or The Forum.

Paul also revealed a general window as to when fans can expect the Logan Paul vs. KSI rematch. According to Paul, the rematch between himself and KSI will take place in either November or December. Apparently, Paul and KSI are still working to iron out all of the details before making any formal announcements.

ksi vs logan paul boxing fight

The Logan Paul vs. KSI rematch will be hotly anticipated, especially since the original fight ended in a draw. The two controversial YouTube personalities will no doubt build the feud on their respective YouTube channels in the weeks leading up to the fight, and may have special press conferences to hype the match even further like they did last time.

The theatrics surrounding the Logan Paul and KSI feud has had some people actually accuse the two YouTubers of fixing the fight. People have compared their interactions to professional wrestling, with some convinced that their pre-fight interactions are staged. However, we haven't seen any definitive proof of that.

Regardless of how legitimate the Logan Paul and KSI feud is, there's no denying that people want to see the rematch given the demand for the original fight. At the very least, it will be interesting to see if the Logan Paul vs. KSI rematch at least ends with definitive winner this time around.

Source: TMZ

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