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Splinter Cell Fan Series Live Action Short Film GR Picks

Live-action video adaptations of video games are nothing new. Movies like Tomb Raider, Max Payne, and Resident Evil have certainly done it but they have not done it that well. Sometimes some of the best stuff comes from the fans. The Half-Life Short film Beyond Black Mesa can certainly serve as one example of fan-made work capturing the look, feel and style of a game better than most Hollywood movies that have tried.

Based on the first installment, it seems like Extinction, a Splinter Cell fan series, is going to be another such example. Made by Companion Pictures, Extinction is a web-based fan series that follows a NSA operative, codenamed "Corbin," as he uncovers a nationwide conspiracy. The first installment sets the tone, introduces viewers to characters, and features several of game's trademarks like the 3-light night vision goggles, laying a dead body down slowly, stealth and betrayal.

The first installment does a lot right. It features original music and uses the music, cuts and shots well to build tension and keep the viewer engaged throughout its 12 minute runtime. In the world of YouTube videos, 12 minutes may seem like a lifetime, but Splinter Cell fans and fans of a good spy, action movie should really take the time to check this out.


Pretty cool, right? Well acted, well shot and well paced. I know I was certainly entertained throughout and find myself wanting to know what is going to happen to Corbin next. I also find myself much more interested in this project and seeing how it unfolds than I am in seeing a Doom film reboot. Who knows, perhaps I would not have liked this first installment so much if I knew it was made by a big Hollywood studio with a large budget. Perhaps I would not have liked it as much if I saw it in a theater or on TV. I think I would have but it is hard to be sure.

What is your take? Are you interested in seeing what else happens in Extinction? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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