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With a bevy of background information and promotional teaser videos, as well as pre-order perks, one can see that THQ is hoping that Homefront will become a blockbuster hit and potential long-term franchise. With the game releasing soon, the latest trailer seems to be a final or close to final call to gamers to join the resistance and fight on the Homefront.

The new Homefront trailer, premiering at GDC, does show off some in-game footage, but little first-person gameplay, choosing instead to focus on the premise, even touting the writer of the game's story, John Milius (leaving him unnamed however, writer's aren't THAT important).

For those of you who have been keeping up-to-date on Homefront, the trailer won't offer new information. The way it's presented leaves the impression that it is a trailer aimed at people who may have heard of the game, but don't know anything else about it. In that respect it does it's job perfectly, blending a mix of high-octane action with the depressing reality of the game's heroes.

The opening shot, often the most important  focuses on the abandoned spinning spokes of a bicycle's wheel. As the camera pans we hear a young voice humming a tune, and see that the bicycle is small, a child's bike. Blatant symbolism here: the time for innocence and recreation is gone. We are then treated to the image of burned out homes and burning curfew posters: the world you know is dead. The camera continues its pan to reveal the hummer, a small boy sitting on the steps of a school bus. Beside him are... RPGs. His mom arrives, and together they look into the sky at the source of an incessant buzzing, and the mother grimly, but casually picks up one of the rockets, and hands it to the father, who calmly loads it into the launcher, takes aim, and fires out of the window, into the sky and right into an attack helicopter. Pop goes the weasel.


It's beautiful really. The live-action part of the trailer takes the familiar image of a modern family as well as the innocence of that young boy and the oh-so-familiar childhood song, and turns them all right on their heads. This is where the strength of Homefront lies, not solely in its visuals, explosive combat, and glorious explosions, but in the concept of fighting a war in suburban America. After the live-action segment, the trailer's subsequent action scenes feel satisfyingly frenetic and explosive, and reminds one of a Hollywood movie trailer such as the TV-spots for the upcoming Battle: Los Angeles, which in a lot of ways tells a similar tale as Homefront. Both titles seek to bring the grittiness and terror of war to the American people, albeit in different ways. I'll leave it up to you which premise is the more plausible one.

THQ is expecting big things with this game, and pre-orders are going through the roof.  If the development team has put into the actual game the thought and care that was put into this trailer, then there is no doubt, we are looking at the beginning of another heavy-hitting new franchise.

Homefront will be released on March 15 for Xbox 360, PC, and PS3.

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