GR Pick: Live Action ‘Grand Theft Auto’

By | 1 year ago 

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC introduced gamers to plenty of creative modifications and a great selection of fan-made videos, and thanks to the PC’s superior processing power, the game – which turns two this fall – looks gorgeous. As mods continue to arrive, it should only get better. While fans are still waiting for mods that create truly lifelike graphics, a digital production company named Corridor Digital has gone ahead and created a video that shows what Grand Theft Auto would look like in real life.

The studio found several places in Grand Theft Auto 5‘s city of Los Santos that were modeled after real Los Angeles locations. After picking some of the most recognizable locales, the studio actually went to those places to film their video, capturing the real-life settings that inspired the game. Using iconic locations like Venice Beach and the Griffith Observatory, the video has a strong ‘straight from the game’ vibe, which is further enhanced by top-notch color correction.

The video’s camera angles mimic the in-game camera almost perfectly, and really help make the video feel like gameplay, not scripted action. Although the short looks like it was filmed via drone, a behind the scenes video reveals that the producers actually used a customized GoPro camera setup on boom piping, a complicated set-up that makes it even more impressive that the crew managed to nail Grand Theft Auto 5’s unique camera angles.

Grand Theft Auto Corridor Digital

In order to produce sounds that created an authentic Grand Theft Auto atmosphere, Corridor Digital did the most logical thing – they just played the game. Sound effects were pulled from separate recordings of Grand Theft Auto 5, and some of the scenes should sound very familiar to viewers who’ve put in a decent amount of time into Rockstar’s latest title.

The video’s lead actor – who is apparently also Corridor Digital’s lawyer – deserves credit for perfectly capturing the Grand Theft Auto protagonist’s casual walk animation. He looks like he could easily be a character from Grand Theft Auto 5 – and we swear, in this case, that’s a compliment. The video also earns bonus points for including tidbits from gameplay itself, like deceased citizens dropping improbably large wads of cash, cover-based shooting, and unnecessary vehicular manslaughter.

What do you think about the fan video, Ranters? Is there anything you would’ve liked to see them do differently, or do you think they did a bang-up job making a live Grand Theft Auto video?

Source: YouTube