New LittleBigPlanet 2 Trailer Wants to Put the Writer's Pen in Your Hand

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The last time Sackboy and crew showed us a trailer it was all about the new story the sequel would be taking us through. This time around, the trailer is once again all about story, but more specifically the fact that users will be able to build a complete narrative around their unique game creations.

Have a look for yourself:

While we don’t get any new details on the story of the actual campaign mode, the trailer really does a great job of showcasing some of the insanely deep features for the creation tool kit. Players willing to spend the time and energy will have a staggering amount of controls at their disposal. The ability to tweak the camera's movements and focus, direct actors’ performances and even build a complete musical score from scratch, with the ability to add effects like echo and reverb, are all there.

The incredible scope and freedom of the game once again blanketed the already beloved franchise with a lot of buzz coming out of this year’s E3. And if this newest trailer still doesn’t get you excited, let’s not forget about the pretty stacked special edition that was recently announced.

My biggest concern with Little Big Planet 2 is still whether or not this new creation system will be user friendly or if it will require a great deal of time, learning and patience from the player. The first game’s level creator, which was limited to platforming, definitely wasn’t as “jump in and play” as something like ModNation Racers, which allows the player to have a one-of-a-kind racetrack ready to go in literally a matter of minutes. With the sequel boasting that the player will be able to create any kind of game they can imagine, it just makes me wonder if this is something all gamers will be able to enjoy or if it will once again be kept afloat by the core community that already exists from the original game.

What do the Ranters think? Are you excited to make a game of your own, or will you just run through the pre-made campaign and never touch the do-it-yourself portion? Do you already have some ideas for a genre-blending kart racer/platformer/RPG/movie trivia/FPS adventure that’s really more of a love story set in a Middle Earth meets Willy Wonka dreamscape? Let us know!

Write your own epic tale of Sacks and Boys when Little Big Planet 2 hits North America on November 16th exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

Source: Sony

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