Lionhead Studios Getting Rid of 'Mindless Combat' in Fable 3

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Josh Atkins, Fable 3 design director, says that mindless killing isn't going to be a part of the Fable franchise going forward.

Atkins' stated that Lionhead Studios is doing away with the "mindless" combat in the hopes that it will get gamers to fully utilize Fable 3's new fighting mechanics. As opposed to previous entries in the franchise, Fable 3 will introduce more one-on-one fighting sequences to better wrap the player into the story.

"Every Fable game has intentionally been made accessible and as a franchise we have done our best to ensure all our players can complete the entire experience and feel fulfilled...However, I think in the past we have allowed some aspects of the game to become so easy that they became a bit too mindless, so we have made some balance changes to the game to try and keep you on the edge of your seat."

This is a welcome change for gamers who remember pushing X almost continuously through most fights in Fable 2. The big question now is will the deeper fighting system and more complex game mechanics make Fable 3 less accessible to the casual gamer?

Fable has always been high on storytelling, and this new information has to be seen as a push to further engross gamers into the plot. Fable fans are asking now, "will this new fighting mechanic take the franchise in a more Mass Effect direction?" Aside from the addicting "hero's journey" storyline, the reason Fable does so well is that it's incredibly easy for the non-gamer and gamer alike to pick up and play. The same can't exactly be said for Mass Effect 2.

Do you think that fiddling with the fighting mechanics in Fable is a good idea for such a successful franchise or should Lionhead adapt the 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' strategy?

You'll be able to decide for yourself when Fable 3 releases on Xbox 360 on October 26th, 2010.

Source: CVG

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