Lionhead Launches Countdown Clock For Possible GDC Announcement

Lionhead Countdown Announcement GDC

Many in the gaming industry are counting down the days to Monday, March 5. Aside from it a offering a final farewell to the anxiety of waiting on Commander Shepard's resolute conclusion in Mass Effect 3,  it also marks the beginning of the week-long Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco (which Game Rant will be at!).

We know that Medal of Honor: Warfighter will be showcasing its wears at the event, and the week is always good for a major developer announcement or two.

Perhaps one such announcement will be coming from Fable developer Lionhead Studios, who seems to have March 5th etched in their minds like no one else. So important is the date, for some reason, that not only are they counting days to next Monday, they're also hanging on every last hour, minute, and second to boot.

A countdown clock - with the zero hour set to Monday at 9:00 PM Eastern Time - has only recently appeared to have taken over the Lionhead website. The official line is they're updating it for a "fresh look and feel," but they couldn't stop themselves from teasing that something more elaborate is in the works as well.

Take a look at the page and see if you can't find a hint:

Fable 4 Lionhead Countdown Announcement

The page update comes only a day after Lionhead was reported to be scouting out territory in next generation development - and it's no state secret that Fable 4 is still on the way. Not to mention, the big red button is conveniently reminiscent of the colorful and cheery sartorial charms of the fantasy RPG series. It also has four holes: either irrefutable confirmation of a Fable 4 announcement or irrefutable confirmation that it is, in fact, a button.

What seems more likely, though, is that Peter Molyneux and Lionhead will want to shed more light on Fable: The Journey. The Kinect-enabled game has been pretty quiet since our E3 2011 preview and is likely to have made some significant development strides by now. If the next-gen rumors about Lionhead are true, we wouldn't be surprised they were stashing away Fable 4 for after we know more more about the PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720 - perhaps at this year's E3.


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