Yesterday, rumors surfaced suggesting that Microsoft will have ten new Kinect titles ready to show at E3 2011. All the games are allegedly new intellectual properties, and all are said to be aimed directly at the Xbox 360’s most hardcore players. But what developers are behind these unknown games? Though the bulk of them remain a mystery, one of them has been identified, and it is none other than Peter Molyneux’s Lionhead Studios.

Lionhead Studios famously embraced Kinect early on, and the developer’s Milo and Kate demonstrations were among the most compelling examples of the technology’s promise. When Lionhead ultimately claimed last November that Milo and Kate was never meant to be a game, many wondered what would become of the studio’s plans for Kinect.

It seems that we will all know the developer’s plans soon enough, as E3 2011 kicks off in just three weeks. Until that time, what little can be said of the unannounced game comes from the LinkedIn profile of Lionhead producer Daniel Gray.

“Currently working on an unannounced Kinect title for Lionhead Studios in the role of Producer. Driving a team of designers and gameplay programmers to create innovative and polished gaming experiences utilizing cutting edge hardware.”

Lionhead has focused its efforts on the three installments of the Fable series these last several years, though some might argue that the developer still hasn’t delivered on its promises for the games. In fact, Kinect support had long been expected forĀ  Fable 3, but the game ultimately shipped without it. Given Molyneux’s own admission that he is prone to making up game features, it is perhaps reassuring that we know nothing of his intentions for this unannounced Kinect game.

Still, Lionhead is among the most creative studios in business today, and even if they don’t always make good on all their promises, at least they swing for the moon each time. Knowing nothing of it, Lionhead’s Kinect game could be a miracle or a disaster, but it is likely to be fascinating either way.

What do you think Lionhead’s unannounced Kinect game will be? Do you suspect that it will make use of any of the tech developed for Milo and Kate?

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Source: LinkedIn [via Now Gamer]