Link's Awakening: The 10 Most Annoying Enemies, Ranked

The Link's Awakening remake that recently released on the Nintendo Switch brought the Legend of Zelda into the modern era of gaming with an adorable new art style but kept a lot of the game the same. One thing that wasn't touched by the developers of the remake were the enemies. Many of Link's foes in this adventure are familiar faces from other adventures. Let's look at the 10 most annoying enemies in Link's Awakening remake for the Nintendo Switch and rank them from worst to first.

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10 Crows

It was a toss-up to either put the crows or the pterodactyls on the list but since the latter is only experienced near the very end of the game it made sense for the bleak blackbirds to make the cut. The crows in the game are a nuisance simply due to the way they attack Link. They start from the sky and swoop down to hit the player and usually attack in groups. When they've fully dropped that's when Link can land a hit on them and hopefully he's either power boosted or quick enough to land the second killing blow.

9 Vire

Luckily you won't run into the Vire until you enter Turtle Rock near the end of the game. These winged demons will fly in and out of the screen in hopes of taking you down. They launch projectiles that Link can knock back but because the Vire constantly moves they're often shot at awkward angles that rarely line up for a reflection hit. When you've finally defeated them they split off into two smaller demons that coordinate a single swoop down an attack on you. Regardless of if they hit you or not, they fly off-screen never to be seen again.

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8 Buzz Blobs

The Buzz Blobs, or more commonly referred to among fans as cucumbers, are the tall skinny green gel enemies that have electricity running through them. The best way to take them out is to either stun them with the hookshot or simply sprinkle the magic powder on them. This will turn off the electricity in their body and give you a brief opening to attack. Having to prep or switch to a specific item is frustrating and the developers also thought about where to place them to maximize the annoyance.

7 Bombers

Zirro, who often goes by Bombers, are these flying mushroom-like creatures who avoid Link at all times but will throw out the occasional bomb or two. Until you come across the boomerang or the bow, they can be a real headache to deal with. Unless there's an error in the programming of the Bombers, you'll never really be able to hit them with your sword. They'll fly circles around you and drop bombs when you're already dealing with another enemy. They may be timid, but boy are they effective.

6 Red Gel

The red gel slimes make this list based on how annoying it is to deal with them and not specifically on the difficulty to eliminate them. Unlike the green gel, when you hit a red one it will split into two smaller forms. These guys don't cause damage, but they'll jump on Link's head and slow him down as well as make him unable to attack. They're the type of harmless enemy that's sprinkled into a room or area with other enemies and can make a winnable situation turn pretty dire in no time flat.

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5 Wizzrobe

The Wizzrobe are the little ghost-like guys that were green hats and send energy attacks out in a straight line. They'll disappear like apparitions if Link gets too close, so they're also an enemy that must be dealt with by either using the boomerang or the bow. Thankfully the Wizzrobe isn't often sprinkled in with tons of other enemies and is usually put in a room with multiples of them. By simply understand the lines they can shoot in you can avoid getting damaged, but be careful.

4 Like Like

The Like Like are the honeycomb-like enemies you'll run into for the first time when you clear the mysterious woods and end up in the northwest section of the map in the Western-most part of Goponga Swamp. When you first take one out you'll sit there wondering why they're even enemies. They move side-to-side and look like they just suck up air. The moment they grab you, either by accident or experimentation, you'll learn that in this animation they take your shield away from you. Luckily you can defeat them after they spit you out to get it back.

3 Evil Zora

Everyone seemingly knows that one kid who teases the big tied-up dog that sits behind a fence simply because they know the dog can't hurt them. The Evil Zora on Koholint Island are video game manifestations of that exact kid and are every bit as annoying. You'll first run into them when existing on the Eastern side of the mysterious woods but will get a heavier dose of them when you learn to swim and explore Catfish's Maw. Annoyance doesn't always equal difficult, and for Evil Zora that rings extremely true.

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2 Spiny Beetle

In game design, a clever trick to pull on players is to make a familiar task they did early in the game dangerous in later stages of gameplay. The spiny beetles play on the fact that you as Link became used to picking up grass and rocks to search for seashells or other items. These enemies hide under those items and can't be hit until the object is removed from their back by Link. The timing for lifting the objects is a little awkward and will likely result in the player taking tons of unnecessary damage.

1 Spark

The Spark takes the crown as the most annoying enemies in Link's Awakening simply because you must simply deal with and avoid them. Unless you know how or when you can get the boomerang by trading for it, there's no other way to get rid of these guys. They're often put in rooms with other Spark and will follow an edge. The trickiest thing is that there are hallways in dungeons that feature little room to maneuver and will sometimes have Spark zipping around just to make it difficult.

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