Lindsay Lohan Adds New Complaints to Her 'Grand Theft Auto 5' Case

Lindsay Lohan New Complaints Grand Theft Auto Lawsuit

It's been several months in the lawsuit between Grand Theft Auto 5 developer Rockstar Games and actress Lindsay Lohan over whether or not Rockstar used the actress's likeness in their game. Lohan claims that a specific blond model/actress in the game is meant to parody her, while Rockstar contends the similarities between her and the fictional character purely circumstantial.

Although Rockstar Games was hoping to that their request for dismissal might quickly deter Lohan that is clearly not the case. Instead, Lohan is firing back with even more claims that the developer used a look-a-like to evoke her likeness.

Lohan's latest complaint, a 67-pager with 45 pages of documents, reportedly has extensive evidence that supports the actress's claims. She alleges that Rockstar used a look-a-like model not just in the game itself but to promote it as well. Her strongest argument rests with an image from 2007, which allegedly features a bikini-clad Lohan in a pose similar to the one used to promote Grand Theft Auto 5.

"The Defendants were in the business of selling games as opposed to artists displaying artwork in galleries for profit where unauthorized images or portraits of individuals were reproduced in limited editions as opposed to the mass production for commercial promotion and financial gain."

Even though Lohan has new "evidence" in her case against Rockstar, it appears the developer still vehemently denies her claims. In fact, they've already come out to say whom the fictional actress is based off of, and that's Shelby Welinder. Rockstar even paid Welinder for her services.

That's apparently not going to stop Lohan, though, who has had an opportunity to drop her case several times already. Either she believes so strongly that Rockstar used her likeness, or she caught wind that GTA 5 made billions in sales; either way, she wants the developer to pay up.

Unfortunately for her, Rockstar doesn't seem at all interested in settling. That was made pretty clear when they filed their request from dismissal. And we highly doubt that Lohan's latest complaints will do much to change their mind. This is a case that will surely be an interesting one to follow in the coming months (or maybe years?), but we're pretty sure Grand Theft Auto will come away just find no matter what the outcome.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan has a case? Or is she just trying to cash in on Grand Theft Auto 5's success?


Source: THR (via IGN)

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