We Want to Buy this Awesome Destiny Figure

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When it comes to fan-made creations related to video games, Destiny devotees go all out. For instance, just a few days ago, Kirby Downey – an ardent follower of the action-RPG – took it upon himself to make a Thorn pistol replica that actually fires airsoft pellets. And if that’s not impressive enough for some people, the costumes that fans craft are more often than not top of the line. To be specific, gamer and cosplay enthusiast Paola Alejandra’s flawless Warlock attire successfully turned many heads at this year’s Comic-Con expo.

Although the aforementioned creations are magnificent to say the least, when industry professionals step into the fray and take on games like Destiny, the results are typically nothing short of astounding. Speaking of which, 3A – a toy, publishing, and entertainment company founded in 2008 – has recently produced a pristine figurine for the first-person shooter’s Titan subclass.

At 1/6th scale, the model itself stands a little more than a foot tall – that is, 12.6 inches exactly – and is full of spectacularly designed details. In addition to the replica’s prodigiously reproduced features, the figure comes with four weapon designs (a Felwinter’s Lie Shotgun, a Hawkmoon Handcannon, a Zombie Apocalypse WF47, and a Shadow Price Auto Rifle) and two sets of hands which are all interchangeable.

Box Art Destiny Titan Figure

While the Titan model is certainly a spectacular work of art, 3A isn’t going to let it go for cheap. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer has made this particular figure a limited edition collector’s item, and is saddling it with a rather hefty price tag of $190. Should certain Destiny fans have a healthy disposable income, the collectible goes on sale next week on July 27, and should ship within the month.

Regardless, almost any Destiny-related news that comes about nowadays should cause gamers’ thoughts to drift toward the hotly-anticipated release of the upcoming The Taken King expansion in September. With so much hype surrounding the DLC, it’s a wonder whether or not Bungie can meet the high expectations of fans and put out a quality product. At any rate, Guardians will probably get at least one of the updates they’ve been hoping for with the new add-on, especially with Bungie taking heed of Destiny players’ most wanted features wishlist.

Do you think 3A’s Titan model is top-notch? If so, which of Destiny‘s classes and characters do you want to see the company tackle next? If sales for this figure go over well enough, perhaps we’ll see a recreation of the Hunter class, or maybe even a replica of the Hive entity Oryx.

Destiny is currently available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, while its expansion The Taken King is set for release on September 15, 2015 for the previously listed consoles.

Source: Kotaku (via VG 24/7)