E3 2016: Inside Release Date and Trailer, Limbo is Now Free


After a year of delays, the next game from the creators of Limbo is back and E3 on the Microsoft stage with a new trailer and a firm release date for Xbox One and PC.

Although Microsoft's E3 presentation was mostly all about AAA titles and new hardware, the company did save some time to focus on a few upcoming indie titles. After the major success of Limbo, gamers have been anxiously waiting to see what PlayDead's next game would bring to the table. Microsoft helped unveil that mystery with a new trailer for Inside.

The upcoming game was first announced a few years back at Microsoft's 2014 E3 press conference. The initial reaction to Inside was positive, but fans started to worry when the Xbox One exclusive was delayed from its original 2015 release window. The game has been in development for years, but it looks like despite the delay, it is finally approaching completion.

The presentation confirmed a June 29 release date on the Xbox One and a subsequent July 7 launch on Steam. The reveal trailer confirms that the game is looking great and the delay was likely worth the wait...


As you can see, the trailer is still incredibly cryptic. The game's aesthetic is dark and unique and the beating heart soundtrack makes it feel a lot more intense than it probably should be. It's still very hard to tell exactly what is going on in this game, but Limbo was a strong enough showing that we have faith Inside will all make sense once it is released.

To help remind players how great PlayDead games are, Microsoft is giving away Limbo for free on Xbox One from now until June 20th. The same deal is available on Steam until June 21.

What do you think of Inside? Can it live up to the legend of Limbo? Let us know in the comments.

Inside releases on June 29 for the Xbox One and on July 7 on Steam.

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