Receive Cloud Strife’s Costume With Pre-Order of ‘Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’

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As if we haven’t been teased enough, the upcoming sequel set in the Final Fantasy XIII world will include a special pre-order bonus that will have a few loyal fans tearing their hair out. Lightning, the main protagonist in the original title, will star in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, which will conclude the story arc from the last two games. 

This time around however, she’ll be sporting some familiar duds. Square Enix revealed the bonus that for pre-ordering directly through the company’s website that fans can use Cloud Strife’s SOLDIER 1st Class Uniform and his Buster Sword.

The video showcases Lightning in Cloud’s signature attire complete with the now-famous Buster Sword, which is nearly the length of Lightning’s petite frame – something she shares with the gloomy hero of Final Fantasy VII. Every detail seems to have been carefully included and the body, aside from the head of bright pink hair, could easily be Cloud’s. So, there you have it – the closest representation of what Cloud would look like in a next-gen title – or at least the closest we’ll probably get to see. This is more than a simple homage to the popular title, it’s a downright tease.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Cloud Strife Square Enix

Fans of the series have been begging Square Enix to remake Final Fantasy VII, but instead have gotten several incarnations of the same titles in the series. Let’s face it, Final Fantasy IV has been done to death. Does this mean Square is planning on fulfilling these wishes? Or are they just acutely aware of them and decided to have a little fun toying with our hearts. Don’t start getting excited because it’s likely the latter.

That being said, they took a lot of care in implementing the costume and weapon, even adding in Cloud’s victory animation and possibly even his victory fanfare (as hinted at in the trailer). Those wanting to preorder a copy now, you can do that on their website. Those who still want a Final Fantasy VII remake, let’s take to the streets!  To me, my brothers and sisters!

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will launch on February 11, 2014.

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