'Final Fantasy 13-2' Lightning DLC Releases in May

Final Fantasy 13-2 Lightning DLC Release Date

When it was announced that Final Fantasy XIII-2 would be receiving a plethora of DLC post-release, many fans figured it would be some after-the-fact costumes and weapons that might make battles a bit easier, or make characters a little stronger. What they weren't expecting was DLC that would be more integral to the story, or at least more exciting than anything in the main game.

Not only had we learned that both Sazh and Lightning, two key characters from the first Final Fantasy XIII, would be starring in their own story episodes, but based on the game's ending it seemed like those would be integral to the larger story of FF XIII-2. Square Enix has already released the Sazh DLC, but the Lightning side story, arguably the most coveted of the all, hadn't received even a release date, at least until now.

May is the date for the Lightning DLC, which will focus on the ex-protagonist's battle with the feathery-haired Caius — a battle featured prominently in the game's opening. According to Famitsu, this Lightning DLC will also offer a different gameplay experience than the traditional Final Fantasy XIII-2 paradigm system.

Our best guess, based on the way Lightning's battle plays out at the outset of Final Fantasy 13-2, is that the DLC might be more quick time events — in essence an interactive movie kind of like Asura's Wrath.

Apparently this DLC will also "reveal the hidden truth" behind Final Fantasy XIII-2's endings, which leads us to believe that this could be the last of the DLC packages fans might see. With the game having released in January at least fans can say they were treated to a bevy of content before Square Enix moved on to another project.

The game itself is one we highly recommend, not just because it improves on its predecessor, but also because it's actually really fun to play. There are some new problems that arise based solely on the fact that Square Enix was trying to come from a new design perspective, but on the whole this game is worth checking out. But be prepared to get sucked in by these DLC story episodes once you finish.

Are the Lightning story episodes the DLC that you've been waiting for since finishing Final Fantasy 13-2? How do you think the gameplay will be "different?"

Source: Famitsu (Siliconera)


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