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Life is Strange gained itself a strong following upon its initial release back in 2015, with the episodic adventure game earning itself a place in the library of many gamers looking for a character-driven experience. Now, developer Dontnod Entertainment has confirmed that is is working on a sequel to the award-winning title.

Releasing a message to fans over on YouTube, Dontnod Entertainment revealed that another Life is Strange game is now in development, and in fact has been in production since last year when the boxed, full release of the game was completed. The news was revealed by the developer as a thank you to the three million people who bought the original Life is Strange.

Aside from this, however, the developer was unable to share any further details surrounding this project, which follows up from one of the most noteworthy games of 2015. Those expecting some extra bits and pieces to be made available during E3 2017 will also be out of luck, however, with Dontnod Entertainment confirming that the game will not be at the high-profile expo. Those interested in seeing the full video from Dontnod Entertainment can do so below.

The original Life is Strange more than earned its place in the hearts of gamers around the world, with an intriguing story, memorable characters, and also an effective and nuanced look at mental health. As such, fans of the original will no doubt be thrilled to learn that more from the world of Life is Strange is on the way.

Of course, that's far from the only piece of Life is Strange content that could be coming into the popular culture realm. The video game is also going to be receiving a live-action TV series, although exactly when the TV show will be available remains to be seen, with few details released about the project so far.

Dontnod Entertainment, too, has been keeping itself busy. Although the recent post from the developer has advised that much of the Life is Strange team is returning to work on the next game in the series, Dontnod Entertainment has also been working on Vampyr, a horror-tinged game that seems a far cry from the lo-fi stylings of Life is Strange, ahead of its release this year. Hopefully, the game will live up to the precedent set from Life is Strange itself.

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