Life is Strange proved to be one of the standout video games of 2015, in spite of its lower status on release in comparison to a number of bigger titles. Part of what made the game such an engrossing experience was the level of intrigue that surrounded the main plot, and gamers may now have a chance to go back and find out more through a prequel to the original.

According to a recent leak, Life is Strange will be on the receiving end of a prequel, although apparently development of the game is not being handled by original studio Dontnod Entertainment. Instead, development seems to have shifted to Deck Nine Games, perhaps better known by the moniker Idol Minds, which worked on such titles as later games in the Cool Boarders series. It’s with Deck Nine, too, that the leak originated.

Apparently, a number of intriguing images were pulled from the official Deck Nine Games website, which is currently down. Among these images were signs that a Life is Strange prequel is being worked upon, featuring the characters of Chloe and Rachel and some notable locations such as Blackwell Academy. Those interested in seeing all images pulled from the site can do so through a handily-located Imgur gallery.

life is strange train prequel

It all points to a prequel to Life is Strange, particularly given a statement from Deck Nine upon its rebranding. According to the developer, it has “signed a partnership deal with a leading AAA video game publisher,” and is working on a “narrative adventure game” that acts as a “new addition to a critically acclaimed franchise.” More information will be revealed about this game at E3 2017, so no doubt all will be confirmed then.

Interestingly, Dontnod Entertainment has also confirmed that it is working on a new game in the Life is Strange universe. The developer revealed a sequel to Life is Strange last month, stating that it had been working on the project since last year, but that the title is not ready for public eyes at E3 just yet. Hopefully, the prequel will prove to fill that void at the expo.

Life is Strange is certainly an interesting choice for a prequel, and will hopefully prove a good place for the new narrative-focused angle of Deck Nine to cut its teeth. Stay tuned for more information on the project when it is available.

Source: GameKult