Life Is Strange: The 10 Most Important Choices You’ll Have To Make In The Game

When Life is Strange arrived in 2015, it wowed gamers with an immersive story that played on their emotions. It centered around Max Caulfield, a photography student with the ability to rewind time who sees a premonition of her town getting destroyed. Every decision Max makes, which are made by the player, affects the future.

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That's what made this game so engaging. Almost every choice that Max has to make is selected by you. Each has a different outcome, meaning there's a different story to be told by each person playing the game. We've looked back and ranked the 10 most important decisions in Life is Strange. If you haven't played this game yet, consider this your spoiler warning.

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10 Steal The Money Or Leave It

In the third episode, gamers are tasked with a tough call early on. Chloe and Max stumble upon money in the headmaster's office. Chloe thinks it would be a good idea to take the money but it is left up to Max. Do you go ahead with stealing or do you leave it behind?

This is crucial because of the impact it has on Max and Chloe's relationship. If you take the money, Chloe will be more relaxed and happy. If you leave it, she becomes aggressive. The worst that seems to happen if you steal is that a dream involving the principal sees him guilt you about theft.

9 In The Street Or Parking Lot

During the third episode of Life is Strange, Max breaks into the home of Frank Bowers. The former drug dealer and dogfight runner had a revelation and started saving dogs. When Max gets to his home, Frank's dog causes a problem. She has a bone and the player gets the option of where to throw the bone.

At first glance, this doesn't seem like an important call. But what makes it mean something are the consequences. Throw the bone in the parking lot and he may be a slight problem later but nothing major. Throw it in the street and the dog gets hit by a truck. The latter makes things easier but Max and most likely the player, both feel guilty.

8 Who's To Blame?

One of the biggest moments of the game is when Kate attempts suicide. We say attempts because this is something that, again, depends on the choices you make throughout the game. Regardless of whether she succeeds or not, Kate will attempt it. When asked about who caused it, Max can choose between Nathan, David, and Mr. Jefferson.

David was the main person bullying her, so he's a strong possibility. Nathan dosed her, which is a terrible thing and also makes him possible. Mr. Jefferson made her cry but he seemed like an odd inclusion for this choice. It ultimately turns out that Mr. Jefferson is a bad guy, so while this choice doesn't impact the overall story too much, it clues you in that there's something up with Jefferson.

7 Take Or Leave The Gun

Again, we return to the investigation into Frank Bowers' home. While Max inspects his RV, she finds a gun. That leaves her with the simple choice of taking it or leaving it behind. The lesser effect is how it impacts the Max and Chloe relationship. For most players, they are one of the best video game couples in history. Taking it makes Chloe excited and that's a good thing.

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The bigger consequences come in the following chapter. The fight with Frank will be more difficult if you don't have a gun. However, taking it results in Chloe being the one to kill Frank and possibly his dog. Players usually care deeply for Chloe and don't want this to be something she deals with.

6 Chloe vs. Frank

During episode four, players are faced with what is probably the most complex decision of the game. It is broken down into three parts and each has a different outcome. This comes when the fight against Frank happens. Depending on your selection of dialogue options, several things can happen.

One outcome sees Chloe kill Frank, which is considered to be the worst option. Another causes Chloe to wound Frank by shooting him in the leg, though that still isn't ideal. The best possibility is where no one gets hurt and you gain Frank as an ally.

5 Kissing Chloe

It should come as no surprise that we're back in episode three. When Chloe and Max are spending quality time together, the opportunity arises for Max to make a move and plant a kiss on Chloe. Again, this might seem like a trivial choice but it matters quite a lot.

There isn't a ton that directly impacts the game. It mostly affects how the player feels. If you go for the kiss, it often means that you're buying into this romance. Considering the game's final choice, what you do during this moment could mean the world.

4 Go To The Cops Or Find Proof

This is one of the toughest calls in the entire game. Early on in the second episode, Max has a conversation with Kate. She opens up about the things that have happened to her and some of them are highly illegal. You're given the option of going to the police or searching for more proof.

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It's a hard choice because finding proof is a sensible idea. However, it disappoints Kate. When she attempts suicide later, it is more difficult to save her if you picked that. Going to the police results in her thanking you and that trust makes it easier to save Kate's life later on.

3 Warning Victoria

The revelation about who Mr. Jefferson really is comes as a shock. He's a danger to the young women around him and Max's knowledge of that could help save some of them. That's the case during episode four when Max believes that fellow student Victoria is his next target.

The outcome here is determined by your previous interactions with Victoria. If you opt to warn her, she may or may not be inclined to believe you. That determines whether or not she gets stupefied and taken to the darkroom. Also, if you choose not to warn her, her response will again be based on prior conversations.

2 Saving Kate

As noted earlier, Kate's suicide is a big part of the game. Max sees it happen but then uses her time rewinding powers to try and talk her down. This interaction is crucial because it is literally a life or death situation. There are a multitude of dialogue choices that make this is a minefield to navigate.

Obviously, there are still only two outcomes. Kate is saved or Kate commits suicide. Max's adventure isn't majorly changed by this move but there are plenty of different possibilities depending on what happens. However, the most important thing is just knowing that you may have saved a life. Especially since an alive Kate will frequently message you.

1 Arcadia Bay Or Chloe

It's the game's final decision and it is easily the most pivotal. After surviving Mr. Jefferson and everything is thrown at them, Chloe and Max face their most difficult moment together. Max reveals what will happen to Arcadia Bay and figures out that she caused it. When she saved Chloe earlier in the game, it brought the storm that will destroy the town.

The only way to prevent the storm would be for Max to go all the way back to that moment and allow Chloe to be killed. Gamers must decide whether to save Arcadia Bay by losing Chloe or to save their love and let the town go down. The ending of the game will vary depending on the call you make.

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