Life is Strange 2 Release Date Officially Revealed

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Many fans were excited when The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit was revealed considering the game is set within the same universe as Life is Strange. Set to release on June 26th for free, Captain Spirit may very well be a good distraction until DONTNOD's next installment, Life is Strange 2releases this September.

Via an official teaser trailer (as seen below), DONTNOD officially confirmed that the first episode in the five-part adventure of Life is Strange 2 releases September 27, 2018. One thing fans may want to take into consideration is which ending that the sequel takes into account, as each ending was drastically different and would be hard to incorporate options for both. The backpack seen in the trailer could potentially suggest the ending where Max saves Chloe (who players got to see even more of in the prequel, Before the Storm)

While many fans may be clamoring to see more, DONTNOD saw fit just to show off the release date. This teaser - which is aptly just that - does little more than reveal the release date, but for fans of this episodic adventure, check it out below:

Considering Life is Strange: Before the Storm was first officially unveiled at E3 2017, it's a bit peculiar that this sequel had no presence at E3 2018, with DONTNOD instead opting to highlight Captain Spirit. Regardless of the rationale, seeing Max's (and presumably Chloe's) story continue in the sequel, as well as playing Captain Spirit, should give fans of the universe plenty to work with.

Still, however, little is known, but as more information becomes available, expect to see it here. It is apparent that DONTNOD is extremely busy, with the aforementioned games and DONTNOD's upcoming title Twin Mirror as well as the release of Vampyr keeping the video game developer on its toes. DONTNOD fans can check out Vampyr now, expect Captain Spirit and Life is Strange 2 later this year, and Twin Mirror next year.

The first episode of Life is Strange 2 launches September 27, 2018.

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