LG Unveils Curved Monitors for Gamers

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Every year at the International Consumer Electronics Show the top tech companies in the world take the stage to reveal the latest in game-changing technology. Although Apple is on its own schedule, the majority of other hardware developers prefer to make big announcements and unveil new products at this annual event. This year, LG let one of its big projects slip a few days early and, lucky for us, it is one that could have a major impact on gamers in the long-term

LG has a habit of creating buzz by offering a sneak peek at some of its big projects a few days ahead of the Las Vegas tech summit and this year is no different. This year's early preview is for LG's new 21:9 display with AMD's FreeSync tech, designed to keep picture clear and smooth throughout intense gaming sessions. We've seen curved screens in sci-fi movies for the last decade, and curved TVs are already in the market,, but this may be one of the first curved screens we start to see in our own gaming rooms.

The new monitor, 34UM67, has a Black Stabilizer to illuminate even the darkest scenery and additional new technology to keep lag to a bare minimum.

"[The new feature] guarantees the smoothest and most seamless gaming experience, generating fluid motion without any loss of frame rate."

LG curved monitor options


The new displays should work well with most current-gen releases, but interested gamers will want to make sure that all their favorite games support a 21:9 aspect ratio if they plan on investing in the new LG product as an early adopter. The 21:9 aspect ratio will reward users a slight advantage over online enemies thanks to the extra details they'll be able to soak in. If you like the sound of the color accuracy and other features, but aren't sold on the curved display, LG will also be offering a traditional flat version.

LG will also be displaying a few other curved monitors at the show that cater to non-gaming audiences. One of them features a 178-degree viewing angle designed with web pros and photographers in mind, and another a curved UltraWide display, designed for more general use will be presented too.

As plenty of office workers are already working on at least two monitors at a time, we can definitely see the advantages of these monitors in a work setting. LG plans to capitalize on that market by allowing users to combine up to four of the curved monitors into a monstrous display for maximum productivity. At this point we haven't heard any possible prices or release windows, but we expect more details to emerge next week at CES. Check back for updates after the new year.

Are curved monitors something you can see yourself take advantage of in the future? Do they have a future or is this a gimmick that'll pass? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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Source: The Verge

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