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Any description of Bloodborne, be it the look of the game, its mechanics, or even its core systems, will likely include the qualifier “like Dark Souls and Demon Souls” somewhere within its text. That isn’t a knock against the PS4 exclusive from From Software, who have a rabid fan base and a definite style, but it’s an easy shorthand between writer and audience. It lets them know what they are getting upfront, and assures them that the qualities they enjoyed from past Souls games are well preserved here.

To better illustrate that point, Game Rant has put together a short Let’s Play video highlighting Bloodborne’s gameplay, systems, and visuals. It’s an admittedly brief look at a substantial game, but should be enough to highlight how the game’s inner workings function. It should also hopefully provide the necessary assurances fans need before picking up the game tomorrow. After watching the video, though, feel free to read our Bloodborne Impressions Post for more general thoughts on the game and whether they are successful or not.

First and foremost, players will notice the striking art of Bloodborne. Where the Souls games gave sinister twists to the fantasy milieu, Bloodborne puts a similar spin on the gothic. There are plenty of ghoulies and nasties that feel ripped right out of Director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s twisted imagination, but the setting is its own unique treasure to explore.

Bloodborne Screenshot - Electric Beast

Gameplay in Bloodborne is classic Dark Souls, albeit with a few caveats. The addition of guns and a ‘Regain’ system for recharging health give players more things to consider as they try to fend off aggressive foes, but combat is still as deliberate as ever. The focus is on balancing offense with defense, but also being overly cautious in all circumstances. This is a game that wants to be “cheap” and actually uses that as a selling point.

Frustration is inevitable in a game like this, but the will to do better should consistently drive players forward. Progress comes in many forms in Bloodborne, be it opening a new shortcut, accumulating a sizeable sum of Blood Echoes, or even just learning how to handle a particular enemy. The only real hurdle to that progress is the overly long load times between deaths. These aren’t a deal breaker, but as readers can see in the video they’re a little bothersome.

Bloodborne Screenshot - Visuals

Now that you’ve watched our Let’s Play for Bloodborne be sure to read our Impressions Post for more thoughts on the game. Also, feel free to like and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more original Game Rant video content in the future!

What do you think of Bloodborne’s visuals and gameplay? What impresses you or excites you?

Bloodborne releases March 24, 2015 exclusively for PS4.

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