‘Let it Die’ Coming To PS4 From Grasshopper Manufacture

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If you feel this year’s E3 has been a little light on the violence so far, then Goichi “Suda 51” Suda’s new title is here to give you the bloodlust you require. During Sony’s E3 press conference, the first teaser trailer of the new project from Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo Online Entertainment was revealed. It’s called Let it Die, it will be exclusive to the PS4, and it doesn’t look like it’s suitable for those with a weak disposition.

The trailer for Let it Die keeps things pretty close to the chest. Opening with an ominous message of “death cancels everything except the truth,” the live-action video shows us a number of fighters with homemade weapons and makeshift armor pummeling, cutting and shooting chunks out of each other, along with HUD displays of player levels, item statistics and damage inflicted. In the snippets of game footage alongside the live-action, the Let it Die seems to be a third-person combat game.

Fans of Suda 51’s older titles will be no stranger to violence. The likes of Killer7, Shadows of the Damned, No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw all had buckets of blood and masses of vicious combat, but Let it Die seems a little different from former Suda 51 titles.

Let it Die PS4 Exclusive header image

The gritty location, industrial aesthetic and extreme violence on show seem a far cry from the more tongue-in-cheek action of Suda 51’s older games, with less of a vibrant color pallet and more of a focus on the brutality of the action, akin to Rockstar’s Manhunt series. Then again, it has to be said that this teaser gives very little away about exactly how the finished product is going to look.

It’s also short on exact gameplay information, although there are some hints that are bound to be thought over by gamers interested in the project. The level information that is tied to each of the characters in the trailer suggests that Let it Die will focus on a one-v-one hack’n’slash combat system, with individuals fighting against each other.

GungHo Online Entertainment’s takeover of Grasshopper Manufacture could also hint that there is going to be a larger focus on a multiplayer aspect than previous Suda 51 games, given the publisher’s long-standing reputation for online multiplayer and MMOs. This is something new for Grasshopper Manufacture, whose previous titles have primarily been focused on the single player experience.

We’ll be waiting for further details on Let it Die, but for now we know to expect lots of gore and hopefully some tense combat. Although given Suda 51’s history of pulling quirky surprises out of the bag, there is bound to be a treat or two along the way.

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Let it Die has no set release date as of yet, but is set to be released exclusively on PS4 in 2015.