A Handful of Obscure Video Game Facts To Test Your Knowledge

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From the earliest days of arcade games all the way through the newest generation of consoles; secret levels, hidden messages, and weird facts have always been a part of the video game culture. The days of waiting for the next issue of Nintendo Power to hit news stands and reveal hints about a hidden level may be far behind us, but even in the age of limitless information on the internet there are still plenty of little known facts that gamers more often than not overlook.

Hidden treasures buried inside the code of video games have always been an incredibly rewarding treasure when stumbled upon. Whether you figured out the Konami Contra code on your own or learned it from a buddy, it’s hard to forget that magic feeling of being in on a secret with the developers that produced one of your favorite games.

Last month we saw an article highlighting the ten best video game secrets and Easter eggs and this month Reddit user Ordered has outlined another list of interesting facts that gamers should store away for any future video game trivia challenges. Have a look…

Lesser Known Video Game Facts

It’s hard to believe that over 30 years after the release of Pac-Man we are still learning new rules about how the game really works. After three decades of sequels, spin-offs, and remastered editions; we have to have mined nearly all the secrets out of the original arcade game by now, right? Apparently, not quite yet.

Many of the facts on Ordered’s list leave the reader with a desire to go back and test these tricks out. For all the hours I spent playing Pokemon Red & Blue, I’m a little ashamed to admit that I never glitched my way into that battle with Professor Oak. The series of Zelda facts also really leave us wanting to dust off the NES and test out that one hit to the eye trick.

Although the majority of the facts are in reference to games from over a decade ago, it was nice to learn something new about Grand Theft Auto 4, as well. With GTA 4’s successor topping nearly all of our game of the year lists, it seems a little less likely that we’ll be revisiting Liberty City for alien hunting anytime soon.

The ‘#01’ at the end of the infograph’s title and the message at the bottom of the list seem to suggest that the creator may make another list in the near future. The post generated plenty of comments and buzz on Reddit, so there definitely seems to be enough demand to justify another post.

How many of these tidbits were you already aware of? Sound off in the comments… Be honest, people.


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Source: Reddit