Fans of Resident Evil 4 hoping to build a look similar to that of protagonist Leon Kennedy get their dreams answered by Capcom, with the company releasing a replica bomber jacket.

Resident Evil 4 is still seen by many as one of the best games in the Resident Evil franchise, and with good reason. The title offered up tense, over-the-shoulder gameplay with a less restrictive control scheme, while still keeping the scares at a jaw-clenching high. Some more fashion-conscious players, however, may have had their attention taken away from the gameplay and instead focused upon Leon Kennedy’s memorable bomber jacket. Now, gamers will be able to pick up that coat – albeit at a somewhat steep price.

Leon Kennedy’s Resident Evil 4 jacket is going to go on sale courtesy of Capcom, and will set back any interested parties 129,600 yen (or $1,286 with tax). According to Famitsu, fans of the Resident Evil franchise will have to wait until November until it’s available for purchase.

That may seem like a steep price, but the coat has already shown its quality through appearing stylish in even the most dire and stressful of situations. After all, although the number one rule of the zombie apocalypse is to not get bitten, surely the second rule is to look classy while surviving. What’s more, the coat could provide the perfect covering for a fun evening out. With Capcom working on a bizarre Resident Evil musical adaptation, one suspects that being able to wear Leon Kennedy’s coat to one of the performances would certainly put the owner in the right frame of mind for whatever shenanigans are about to take place.

leon kennedy jacket

Resident Evil 4 marked something of a change of pace for Capcom’s acclaimed horror franchise. Casting aside  the fixed camera angles of the original games, the title was seen as revolutionary at the time, and has since been ported to a wide range of devices, with a Wii U release even hitting earlier this year. What’s more, the game is also set to be re-released for PS4 and Xbox One in the fall.

Unfortunately, fans of the first version of the game may want to temper their expectations a little. The re-release of Resident Evil 5 for current generation console launched this month, and fans have noticed a number of problems, including performance issues such as frame rate drops. Hopefully, the Resident Evil 4 re-release will not suffer from the same issues.

Aside from relaunching previous games in the franchise and arranging for some rather nifty jackets to be put into production, Capcom has of course been hard at work at the next full game in the series. Resident Evil 7 received its perplexing playable demo, The Beginning Hour, last month, and already the teaser has proved to be incredibly popular, with over 2 million downloads so far. Should this other radical departure from formula end up as successful as the fourth iteration of the series, then Capcom will be on to a winner.

Source: Famitsu (via Kotaku)