Warner Bros. Interactive, TT Games, and The LEGO Group announce that Minecraft-esque building sim LEGO Worlds is going to be receiving online multiplayer.

With Minecraft becoming an all-powerful creativity behemoth, it was no surprise to see its real world predecessor taking the move into video games with a similar idea. Enter LEGO Worlds, The LEGO Group’s attempt to break the Minecraft racket. Debuting last year through an initial trailer, the early access title from TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive is now going to receive an update that makes it an even more enticing prospect for gamers.

Warner Bros. Interactive, TT Games, and the LEGO Group have announced that LEGO Worlds is going to be adding online multiplayer functionality. The game already has split-screen co-op multiplayer, but allowing users to take the game online will no doubt prove popular with users. The new online multiplayer mode will allow two users to explore each other’s worlds, create together, and take part in competitive and cooperative gameplay experiences.

“Building and playing with friends is at the core of LEGO play and we’re excited to bring online multiplayer into LEGO Worlds,” said Jonathan Smith, Head of Production over at TT Games. The Head of Production went on to state that “The online multiplayer experience offers unlimited possibilities for players to explore one another’s worlds, build and share creations, and just have fun together.”

The game is currently available for PC in early access, and apparently The LEGO Group is happy with how the title is progressing so far. “We are very please to see how LEGO Worlds has grown,” said Niels Jorgensen, the Vice President of Digital Games for LEGO. As it stands, the game offers up an open world where players can explore and build areas with a variety of themes, from cowboys, through to vampires, through the medieval kings.

Although this move will no doubt improve the LEGO Worlds experience – indeed, some many argue that online multiplayer is a necessity in a game of this type – the game is facing some stiff opposition in the form of Minecraft. In fact, the Mojang title is going be getting some rather important updates. The developer announced during E3 2016 that the game is going to be receiving texture packs and add-ons to even further diversify what players can create, while The Friendly Update looks like it is aiming to bring cross-platform play across the entirety of Minecraft.

LEGO itself has had a fairly busy time during E3 2016. A new trailer for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens was unleashed during Sony’s press conference, giving the latest iteration in the Star Wars franchise a LEGO makeover. Let’s see whether LEGO Worlds can emulate the success of its sci-fi spin-off cousin.

LEGO Worlds is available in early access for PC.