He’s played a superhero, a musician, a Jedi, an archaeologist and even a famous boy-wizard. And with the launch of Disney Interactive and Traveller’s Tales’ Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, there still doesn’t seem to be any end in site for the most prolific actor working in video games today. It takes a special kind of artist to laugh right in the face of the tired and repetitive block-smashing gameplay elements and just say, “I defy anyone to not find my plastic-faced rendition of Saving Private Ryan adorably hilarious!”

Despite the apparent talent that the little Lego-man has, we all know how this ends though, right? Unable to cope with the fact that he isn’t the real Johnny Depp, the real Batman, or at the very least, Hayden Christensen, Lego-man falls into a terrible depression and downward spiral. He’ll later be seen on an E! or VH1 special with a title that starts “Whatever happened to…” where he’ll be seen rambling incoherently about having used so many different body parts that he doesn’t even know which parts of him are really him anymore. It’s just sad. Go ahead and enjoy the next ninety Lego games if you want, but only if you can live with being a part of the slow and emotionally torturous demise of someone who only ever wanted to entertain.

Be a part of the machine when Lego Pirates of the Caribbean sails into stores on May 10th for pretty much every device that plays video games.

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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Game Rant Webcomic Issue 033