Remember those youthful afternoons, sitting around in your bedroom with nothing but your imagination and a handful of Lego’s to pass the time? For most, that was the best way to spend the day while for others… it would be better if it was done online. With LEGO Universe, players have had the chance to create their own world while interacting with others, collecting and building fanciful creations, and even getting a few adventures or two.

Yesterday, the LEGO Group announced that for the month of August, players will be able to try something new: Free-to-Play. Hoping to bring in some new creators, the LEGO Group is giving players the option to try the game for as long as they want, without having to purchase the game. Available as a free digital download, LEGO Universe is aiming to be one of the bigger F2P creations.

There are some catches to this wonder offer however, and players who are already paying the $10 a month to play shouldn’t get too upset that they had to pay for their own copy. F2P members will have access to only two adventure zones, and only one player property to build their own creations. It’s really trial version for interested gamers to demo LEGO Universe.

Players still paying for service (or those who decide to switch over) will still have access to 15+ adventure zones, up to five property worlds, upcoming new expansions (such as the Ninjago expansion set to be released in October) and more that are soon to be announced.

The move towards F2P is also a big step in digital distribution for future game updates and installments, with expansions like Ninjago being the first of many. Setting the stage to bring bigger and better features, challenges, and rewards, LEGO Universe is creating a stir for newcomers and players alike.

So, if you’re one of the few who suddenly are more interested to try out a virtual LEGO creation now that price isn’t an option, you’re in luck! Plus with the LEGO Group setting the stage for big updates in the future, it’s as good a time as any.

LEGO Universe is available now for the PC and Mac.