New LEGO Star Wars Game Announced, But It's Not Fans Would Expect

new lego star wars game announced

The LEGO Star Wars universe is getting a little bigger in 2020. Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and Lucas Films has announced today that they're bringing LEGO Star Wars over to mobile, but with a twist.

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LEGO Star Wars Battles, not to be confused with the highly anticipated console game LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, is an action strategy mobile game with real-time multiplayer battles.

Players will be able to use classic characters, vehicles, and iconic locations all across the nine Star Wars saga films. Iconic films include Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. There doesn't seem to be any mention of adding content from Disney+ series like The Mandalorian, but it's not to say that they won't be added later.

LEGO Star Wars Battles will allow gamers to mix and match the characters they collect from all generations of films. So it's entirely possible to build a deck of characters that are on either the light or dark side. Collect characters like Rey, Boba Fett, or Darth Vader and team them up with Storm Troopers and Battle Droids. For all of those dying to know, yes, Porgs will also be apart of the playable characters as well.

New LEGO Star Wars game confirmed

Warner Bros. is promising some premium vehicles to go along with the game's wide array of characters. Gamers will be able to collect vehicles like AT-ATs,  TIE bombers, and even the Millennium Falcon. As the game is more strategy-based, likely the vehicles will be apart of an arsenal as opposed to drivable vehicle.

LEGO Star Wars Battles is set to be more focused on the strategy-based gaming than the hack-and-slash gameplay of the main series. Players will have to dispatch troops and construct battlements in real-time to defend their position while trying to destroy their opponents.

As players advance through the game, new locations will be unlocked. There is no word yet on all of the unlockable levels, but as of now fans will be able to play on Scarif, Naboo, Hoth, Endor, and Geonosis.

LEGO Star Wars Battle will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play in 2020.

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